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Friday, October 16, 2009

2 Most Wanted Things!

Habis Mid test nih. Alhamdulillah....
Ehem, maksudnya Alhamdulillah mid test nya udah selesai. Bukan karena nilai mid test nya bagus-bagus (ooops, ketahuan deh nilainya jelek-jelek hehehe) *lazy girl*

Usually, if some people got the bad scores on their exams, they'll study and study harder until they can get the best score. But I'm not them and they're not me. What I am doing after mid test is just thinking about these 2 things that I really want to buy!

Michael Buble's new album Crazy Love

I'm really excited to buy this album!!! Michael Buble's first single on this album Haven't Met You Yet is good and easy listening. Ah, pokoknya pengen bangeeeeet beli album ini!

Jason Mraz's A Beautiful Mess - Live On Earth CD/DVD

Hey, it's Jason Mraz, guys! Do you think I will miss it? OF COURSE NO! But will it released in Indonesia? I-don't-know huhuhuuuuu :'(. Okay, berdoa aja semoga CD/DVD ini rilis di Indonesia! Go Mr. A - Z...!! Hahaha

Well, dua benda itulah yang bikin saya untuk sementara ini nggak mau mikirin tentang mid test. Hope I can buy those 2 albums, so I will study harder haha. If I can't... then my scores will be dropped... and my parents will be mad at me... so sad, so sad... hahaha lmao! (jangan dengerin kata-kata saya yang illogic ini)

The Geek In The Green

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