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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Mission Accomplished!

Alhamdulillah, saya naik kelas dan masuk IPA.
Walaupun nilai saya standar, itu berarti saya harus lebih berjuang di kelas XI IPA.


Tau gak?
Saya baru buka rapot satu jam setelah adik saya menaruhnya di depan saya. Saking takutnya.
Sebenarnya saya sudah punya firasat jelek setelah Mama bercerita tentang perbincangannya dengan Bu Cucu, wali kelas X-9 tercinta.

Kalau bisa nangis, saya akan nangis saat itu.

But, Mom knows everything. She still support me, whether or not I get Science class.
It was my fault--I never concentrated to study. What I thought was novel, novel, and novel.
Well, what should I do, guys? It was my obsession since I was 8th grade. But when I lost my flash disk, I felt like a lost girl too. Wandering aimlessly.
Now I feel that I could actualize that obsession--but it takes lots of time. And a huge sacrifice from the scores at school.

I have a dream.

And I know, someday I can reach the dream. No matter what people say.

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