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Monday, December 13, 2010

No More Yesterday, Tomorrow's All That Matters

Yes, that's right. No more yesterday, tomorrow's all that matters. Don't look back, or you'll never find an excellence.

But before, I want to thank Kris Allen for making such a good song titled From The Ashes. Good music, good lyric. I want to apologize to him too because (once again) I took the lyric for the title and inspiration of this post. Peace out, Bro :D


But, guys, I'm not that happy. I know there are some remedials, and I am sure I got into it for some subjects. Just like the title, tomorrow's all that matters. Yesterday is the final exam, and tomorrow is the remedial for the exam. Am I right?
So, by that mean, we shouldn't be happy about the-final-exam-has-done because there's another test waiting for us (except for you who's smart and the word IMPOSSIBLE doesn't exist in your dictionary)...

I don't know yet what subject I should get remedy, but... just wish me luck.
Remedial test is the real exam, you know.

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