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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Whatever Mama Say You Best Do It

Whatever Mama say you best do it
Whatever Mama say you best do it
Whatever Mama say you better listen to your Mama

Okay, I don't know how many times I took Jason Mraz's lyrics as inspirations to write the post. This time I use What Mama Say from the album The Life Is Good EP. Typical Jason, he always make a great songs to sing, and great songs to do. What Mama Say tells you to appreciate your Mother, do what she says, love her, take care of her, and many more... It should be Mother's Day soundtrack.

I love my Mom so much. And I'm sure you all do.

Tapi... Mama saya kerja di hari yang penting seperti ini. Tanggal 22 Desember bertepatan dengan ulang tahun KOWAD (Korps Wanita Angkatan Darat) dan mau nggak mau, Mama harus upacara di Bandung sana. It happens every year and I don't even say "Happy Mother's Day, Mom!" directly in front of her and hug her and kiss her and... give her gift. Terakhir saya memberi kado buat Mama saat Hari Ibu adalah waktu saya kelas 6 SD.

Tapi saya yakin, setiap Ibu cuma butuh kasih sayang, doa, dan kebanggaan dari anaknya, tidak lebih.

Widyawati Hatta
September 2nd (September 3rd on KTP) 1969
Soldier/Kowad, lovely wife, dearest mom



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