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Monday, September 5, 2011

Sweet 17 For a Sweet Girl

Am I really that sweet? Oh, please. It's like a jar with sugar in it, which is always sweet from inside...

I'm just joking. Seriously. No, not serious serious, but joking--

I should stop typing, shouldn't I? Hahaha.

Ok, first, I want to say: Minal aidin walfaidzin, mohon maaf lahir dan batin, Happy Eid Mubarak for all Muslims in the world! :)

Now, back to laptop (I was distracted by my brother who said "Our sister always wake up early!" Come on bro, don't try to make me happy by saying white lie like that... But compliment accepted.) and try to blog about this seventeen thingy with English. Or Indonesian. English? Indonesian? Duh, Spanish it is.

Feliz cumpleaños a mí!
Es mi decimoséptimo cumpleaños, yay!

(You know I'm using Google Translate right?)

Yeah, it's my birthday! Ulang tahun saya yang ke 17! TUJUH BELAS, kawan-kawan! SEVENTEEN!!! (not that magazine nor that band obviously) dimana kita mulai memegang benda keramat bernama KTP dan mendapat kesempatan untuk memegang benda yang lebih keramat lagi bernama SIM. Alhamdulillah... :)

I'm getting older... oh dear, "old" is actually not a good word. Except if you want to get job, married, and have kids faster than usual, it might be your favorite word. Old. The word consists of 3 letters, same with my nickname (for those who don't know, my family usually called me IYA), but I'd rather choose "young" which has the same mount of letters with my real name, Widya :D

So, what's so special about today? Actually... It hasn't came yet. But it will! It will, I believe that. But... today I did have sweet moment with my family (backsound: 30 Seconds to Mars - Search & Destroy -- well, this backsound has nothing to do with the sentence before it. I just put it here for fun), we're eating lunch in Hanamasa! Though I haven't gotten a chance to blow up the candles (duh, Iya, what are you--seven?) but it's still great and perfecto!

Hmm... sepertinya opening-nya kebanyakan ya (and I assume you guys are like "The birthday girl who thinks she's sweet like sugar say whaaaa'?!" Yeah, it's just an opening). Sebenarnya saya mau cerita tentang apa yang terjadi tanggal 4 September 2011 ini tapi ternyata nggak ada yang patut diceritakan sih, kecuali birthday wishes yang indah-indah banget dari  keluarga, teman-teman, dan semuanya!

This is the very first seventeenth birthday wish! Thank you Fio!

Fannesa, met her in Twitter because we're crazy about Adam Lambert! :D

Asti, my "aunt" because she claimed that she is Jared Leto's wife, while he is my uncle! So...
Amin, Pe, amin...

Yeah, he was one of Tri Mas Ketir actors. Thank you for calling me a producer, Fan... and if I may add, I was also the director, lol :P (at least that's how I saw it)

Amin... But I think it's not gonna happen... Not my specialty :)

Monika, my fellow Twitter friend from Poland. She's a photographer :)

I even got a shoutout! Thank you Monika xo

My friend whom I shared birthday with. Happy birthday to us! :D

Detective... Nobody ever wish me so... Best wish ever, lol. Thank you Dito! :D


I wonder why these guys have the same wishes... Oh hello copy-paste, didn't know you were there haha

Some wishes from my current class: XII Science 7. Thank you guys! :D
Fuuh, it's a lot more than I could imagine and this doesn't count the wishes from Facebook and text messages. I'm flattered guys... I think I'm gonna cry... happily. It means there are still many people who cares about me :')

And... what makes me more flattered and almost died in a good way:


A BIRTHDAY RETWEET FROM THOMAS GIBSON (Aaron Hotchner from Criminal Minds)! :')

A BIRTHDAY TWEET FROM DREW SEELEY! (I can't believe he tweeted me!) :')
And the last but not least... A birthday card from my youngest brother:

Though it's misspelled, I still love this card. Thank you so much brother :')

There they are! Thank you so much for the very amazing and beautiful birthday wishes! May God bless you all!

And happy birthday to all fellow Sept 4th people! We are awesome!

"Mr. Curious well I need some inspiration. It's my birthday and I cannot find no cause for celebration."
-Jason Mraz (Mr. Curiosity)

Well, maybe you can cause something, J, so I can do a celebration :D

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