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Monday, January 2, 2012

Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012!

First posting in 2012!


This posting would look like exactly like last year's. Actually, there's not much to talk about because I rarely update this blog. And 2011 for me is... Hmm, so-so. Saya tidak menunjukkan peningkatan yang tajam dalam pelajaran (saya memang pemalas -_-) tapi saya menunjukkan peningkatan dalam hal fangirling! (LONG LIVE FANGIRL!) xD

In 2011, I felt like I war the stupidest person in the Earth. Lho kenapa? Teman-teman saya sudah merencanakan akan kuliah di mana, sudah belajar dengan giat, lho saya? Saya bisanya cuma duduk depan laptop, nonton film atau main Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town dimana karakternya baru punya anak dan mau memasuki tahun ke empat. Oh iya, karakter yang saya mainkan itu duitnya udah banyak loh.

Tuh kan jadi pengen main lagi. *tampar pipi sendiri*

Oke, balik lagi. Kalau ditanya saya pengen kuliah di mana, saya akan jawab UI. Heck yeah, who doesn't want to? Tapi kalau ditanya mau ngambil jurusan apa......... saya akan jawab film making. Lho emang di UI ada jurusan kayak gitu? Ya enggak lah. Nah dari situ lah kata 'galau' yang lagi ngetrend dipake anak-anak remaja se-Indonesia menimpa hidup saya.

Ah, it's not a good time for galau-ing right friends? It's time to share good and bad memories that happened to me in 2011!

1. January - Fresh start
Finished my 1st draft of novel and sent it to the publisher. Harap-harap cemas nungguin hasilnya, keringat dingin, sekaligus rasa pesimisnya makin berkobar. But I still could wish Adam Lambert a very wonderful 29th birthday.

2. February - Rotten
Nothing important happened. Sad.

3. March - #horrorshortstory and the birth of a dream
I started to post/tweet about #horrorshortstory. Read the first episode (Blackout edition) and second episode (Hospital edition). Episode ke dua, cukup membuat beberapa teman saya bergidik ketakutan. Yes!
Oh, and... why did I say "the birth of a dream"? Yeah, ini bulan dimana saya makin pengen jadi sutradara karena drama Tri Mas Ketir. Dimana saya baru ngerasain kata 'galau' itu.

4. April - Alan Wake era and the death of a dream
Had some problem with some friends. Not friends 'friends', but just ordinary friends. I wrote them a super random letter. Don't read it, it's random and it's not recommended.
And it was the first time for me to get really really excited and addicted to one game and finished it just about a month! (I could play games only in weekend) The game is called Alan Wake. You guys should play it, especially for horror-thriller-mystery lover like me. Recommended!
Wait, wait... "The death of a dream"?! No, it had nothing to do with the director/filmmaker thingy. It was about the novel draft I sent to the publisher. It got rejected. But it's okay... Kegagalan adalah keberhasilan yang tertunda :)

5. May - Criminal Minds era
I started to watch Criminal Minds and fell in love for it! Great TV series! SPENCER REID, I LOVE YOU!
One more.... Hugh Jackman tweeted me on Twitter! *happy tears*

It really was a random tweet. I never thought that he would reply.
6. June - The end of sweet academic year
I was preparing myself to be a 12th grader. I couldn't leave my 11th grader friends... They're so kind. I love you guys. Oh, and the only posting I posted is Birthdays in June (Too busy, whooops). Love those guys :)

7. July - Pretty Little Liars era and best day of my life #1
Found another good TV series called Pretty Little Liars. Girls, watch it! Still didn't forget Criminal Minds though :)
I was being a 12th grader. XII IPA 7.
And best day of my life... I WATCHED 30 SECONDS TO MARS! Finally... guys, I still couldn't believe that I saw Jared, Shannon, and Tomo right in front of my eyes! :')

8. August - Leto obsession and comic maker era
Jared Leto in Hugo Boss made me almost forget to post my previous grade's final English assignment: comic. It was called Will & Harry: Modern Corpses.

9. September - I'M SEVENTEEN!
I really had a sweet seventeen birthday.... Sweetest birthday I could ever imagine :)

10. October - BUSY
Sorry, this page doesn't exist.

11. November - Best day of my life #2
I WATCHED JASON MRAZ! GYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! Okay, done, it's one of the best days of my life. Wait, did I cry? Oh God, YES. It was beautiful. GYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! And this blog, Geek in the Green is 3 years old! Yay!

12. December - Website thingy and closing of 2011
Finished my website (VISIT IT! TOLD YA, VISIT IT!) and I wished Jared Leto and Zach Mills a very wonderful birthday. I love them :) and it was my last post of 2011.

I hope... Well, I can't say that. I always say "I hope" but it never happens. So, I'd say...

I will make my parents proud. I will study hard. I will reach my dream. I will finish my books and movies. I will be a good fangirl. I will lose some weight.

Don't look back on yesterday! :)

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