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Monday, May 28, 2012

Big Days Are Coming

Yes. Big day(s). Why uses 's'? Because the big day, the important day, is not just one. I have 3 upcoming big days, which will be the important parts of my life.

Yep, I'm graduated from high school. Yesterday I bought local newspaper and found my number in 'National Exam Graduation Announcement' section. Alhamdulillah, I put on my big smile, happiest face. In fact, the 12th grader in my school are 100% graduated. So happy, so proud.
The real graduation ceremony (in here we call it 'Perpisahan') is coming up on Tuesday. I have to wear Indonesian traditional clothes called kebaya, just like when I was graduated from Junior High School 3 years ago. I can't wait for this day, but I don't want this to happen either. I will miss my high school friends very much, although we didn't get along that much. Talking about getting along, since I've became a high school student, the 'real' me took over my life. I became quiet, careless, and loner in the same time. Maybe that's why I didn't have so many friends, but I did have some great friends who cared about me. High school memories are colorful, some beautiful and some bad. I'm gonna miss you guys so, so much. Thank you for making me a bit famous because of my films collection. Thank you for wishing me to be a director or film maker someday. Thank you for the greatest time of my life.

SNMPTN Tertulis (national examination for university)
Some of my friends already got into their dream universities. Congratulations, my friends, you deserve it. And me? I'm still trying to reach it, to make my dream comes true. The exam will be held on June 12-13 which is 15 days away. My heart is beating normally, that's what makes me worry. Why is everyone keep counting down to the exam and studying hard, while I'm still sitting here in front of my laptop, blogging about it? What's wrong with me?
I am afraid.
I am afraid I can't make my parents proud someday.
So yeah I will stop seeing Jarvis (my laptop's name, tribute to Tony Stark's computer program) for a while and focusing my mind on the exam. My dream.

Jason Mraz's concert
Okay, okay, maybe you guys are bored reading about this awesome guy in my blog, or about me having a (un)healthy obsession over him.
And yes, I will watch Jason Mraz again next month, June 22. (U mad, bro?)
His tour will be called Tour Is a Four Letter Word. It's a tour to promote his latest album Love Is a Four Letter Word (now available in your local CD store). Suddenly, everything important turns to be 'four letter word'.
Mraz Is a Four Letter Word.
June Is a Four Letter Word.
Wait Is a Four Letter Word.
Wait, wait............ I have another important thing to do in the same date.
Benteng Batu Awards.
BBA is my school's version of Academy Awards (or something like that). It's like prom night too. But it is in the same day with Jason Mraz's concert! Ah... But you know what will I choose. Not that I don't appreciate one of my school's big event, but...
Yeah. I will not go to the prom with my school friends. I will go with Jason instead hehehe...

That's it. See you another time, sorry for my broken English.

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