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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013!

First posting in 2013!

(picture taken from @unitedarmyfc's twitter)


So, how was 2012 for me? So many wonderful things happened, and I hope I can make them happen again in 2013!

Duaribuduabelas, tahun yang sangat berat sekaligus menyenangkan bagi saya.
Tahun di mana saya belajar nggak habis-habisan dan Alhamdulillah, mendapatkan buah yang manis dari hasil kerja nggak keras saya itu.
Tahun di mana saya mendapatkan SIM tapi ternyata cuma jadi hiasan di dompet aja.
Tahun di mana fangirling menguasai hidup saya.
Tahun di mana saya mencintai quote "nothing is impossible" karena abang (?) atau pemain bola favorit saya bergabung dengan klub bola favorit saya.
Tahun di mana rekor home tak terkalahkan Manchester City pecah karena Manchester United (HAHAHA MANCHESTER IS RED!).
Tahun di mana rumor berakhirnya dunia makin panas dan film 2012 tampaknya harus ganti genre dari action jadi comedy.

Ya, seperti itulah kira-kira ulasan kecil tentang tahun duaribuduabelas bagi saya.

Pokoknya, banyak lika-liku (ceile) di tahun 2012, termasuk kehidupan jadi mahasiswa yang ternyata lebih berat dari SMA. Emang, bohong aja tuh yang bilang kuliah itu menyenangkan. Sini tukeran tempat sama saya haha.

Okay, flashback time!

1. January - Another fresh start
2012 starts with an addiction to this TV series called Sherlock! Instantly fell in love with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. This series is not only good, but also BRILLIANT! And it contains many of unforgettable moments and almost every single of it is my favorite.

2. February - Believe in myself...
...because there are no boundaries! Starting to make myself believe that I can reach anything I want and nothing's gonna bring me down!

3. March - Getting closer to national examination, but...
...all I can do is watching movies and TV series I love. I even listed the first part of TV shows I've been addicted to. And, and, and... I was amazed by this Indonesian movie... yes, The Raid! One of the best Indonesian movies and action movies EVER!

4. April - National Examination (UN) and Greyson Chance fever
Yeah, in this month, exactly at April 16th 2012, I attended the National Examination, for graduation. Yes, yes, I did it very well I think.... and right after the examination was done, I was going to Greyson Chance's concert to relieve the stress! He was only 14 that time but OMG................. <3333

5. May - Days of worries and studying
National Examination was done, but SNMPTN hadn't. So I was trying to study hard, but somehow it failed because I still could open my blog and posted some big and important days that would come. And The Avengers apparently became my favorite superhero movie ever, and the cast became my favorite cast ever, and the actors were included to my favorite actors of all time ;)

6. June - SNMPTN and Jason Mraz once again
Maybe the only thing that encouraged me to study hard for SNMPTN was Jason Mraz's concert that would be held nine days after SNMPTN. And it was true, although I was a little pessimist about it, I could enjoy watching Jason Mraz for the second time! Haha and also, it was one day before his birthday. Once again, aMRAZing!!!

7. July - Best day of my life #3
No posts for this month because of Ramadhan (what--GITG was also fasting!), but there was smile in my face because I could pass SNMPTN (second choice, but still happy)! Alhamdulillah, thank you for the support my lovely family :*

8. August - Preparing for college
And GITG helped me with that, so no posts :) But this month was special because.... ROBIN VAN PERSIE GOES TO UNITED! xD

9. September - I'M EIGHTEEN!!!
And officially a college student! Yeaaayyyy! Gotta get ready for the new age and new life. Having a wonderful birthday once again ;)

10. October - Edward Norton Movie marathon!
It was not the first movie marathon I had, in fact, it was the fourth. But this was the first movie marathon I posted. Love Edward Norton! :D

11. November - The four letter word era
Yeah, hahaha. I hated that four letter word actually because I didn't want to get broken heart (whoops). But that feeling was undeniable. Yes, I know. But now I forgot about it already haha. Also, GITG had its 4th birthday, wohoooo!

12. December - Wonderful era and closing of 2012
Wonderful? Yes! First, United won against City in Manchester derby! I told ya, Manchester is RED! Second, we survived December 21st! Haha lol ;p And so many other wonderful things. But among them, there was some things that made me sad, exactly on December 20th 2012. But yeaaaah, I could make the sad went away because once again, I had a movie marathon, Matt Damon's! And apparently, it was my last post of 2012.

2012 has been a great year to me. My love (ceile) to RDJ, Jeremy Renner, and Chris Hemsworth has been grown (going crazy about them, especially on Renner! Hahaha). Several famous people replied my tweet in twitter :) I hope they will again in 2013 haha. And yes, 2013 has to be better.

Don't look back on yesterday! :)

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