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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Midnight Random Thoughts #1

It's not exactly midnight though, but let's call it so because it makes a catchy title (really? Who are you--the readers?). This might be a continuous post because you know, I am so random. It's like my Can't Sleep posts--which I haven't posted about it again since 2 years ago--but, yeah, let's see.

This is the very first edition of my Midnight Random Thoughts:

  • Are they ever gonna make the fifth Bourne movie? They said they would, but then they wouldn't. Matt Damon said he was interested, but then he said he didn't know where the movie was going. DAMN IT PEOPLE JUST GIVE US--ME--A CLEAR STATEMENT!
  • I just drank an expired coffee and I hope my stomach is okay.
  • Seth Meyers has the sweetest smile among the Saturday Night Live cast members.
  • Jonas Brothers (finally) call it quit. I think I'm the only fan who is still calm because when the rumor started to spread, I thought that it was only their strategy to surprise their fans with their new album. This used to be my prediction: they deleted their Twitter account, fans were sad, and suddenly they came back again with brand new album, still together, not breaking up, and live in peace. Huh. Apparently my prediction is a big miss.
  • The average age of my top 12 favorite actors is 40. This doesn't mean I like old men... right?
  • Edward Norton has to host Saturday Night Live again.
  • I don't think Kerry Washington can top Norton's SNL episode. It's the best of the season so far.
  • Can I just skip this week, and the next week, and the next week, aaaannndddd all of these freaking weeks so I can go back to Bogor faster?

That's it. Told ya it's random.

See you again, randomers.

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