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Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Road Trip to Remember

No, the road trip was not as dramatic as the poetic title (though it sure was memorable). I just couldn't find any other suitable title for this. And this wouldn't be a detailed blog post about the trip, I just wrote the big part only.

On December 30th 2013, the date where I collected my postponed assignment, my uncle and aunt picked me up from my boarding house to go on road trip with them to Bali and celebrate New Year there! Since becoming a college student I almost never had a proper holiday (going outside the city, traveling, blah blah), I just stayed at home watching movies. And finally, I could forget my other assignments for a while and enjoyed the rare time from being away from the hectic days of college.

While the road trip was not the first time for me, the activities and things we did were indeed new for me. From Malang to Bali -- of course it required us to cross the Bali Strait. Yep, it was my first time crossing the strait with ferry! It was late night, but I could see beautiful lights from the other ships and the port. It was so fun (and ugh, I didn't take a pic of it because I was so tired and only able to enjoy it haha).

After arriving at Gilimanuk Port, I spent my time mostly to sleep. My uncle's fast and F1-like driving didn't stop me from getting a good sleep since I finished my assignment at 2 am the other night. So then we picked up my cousin, Nisa, who was studying in Udayana University to stay with us in the hotel. The next day, the fun began!

The view from the hotel balcony. And yep, that's the sea!

That's me in Balangan Beach. Chubby as always. (Pic taken by Nisa)

Happy New Year! Fireworks from the beach. It was raining that time so we decided to watch the fireworks from hotel balcony.

So, first day of 2014, I thought I would come back to Malang (come back to my assignments, to be exact). Ha! My uncle and aunt had other plans for me and Nisa -- taking us to Jogja!

Bunch of people were waiting to take a pic in front of Malioboro street sign. If you go to Malioboro, you just have to do this. (Pic taken by Nisa)

Finally we got our turn. Nisa, me, Arfa, and Aunt Jella in Maliboro~ (Pic taken by my uncle)

The next day, we went to Affandi Museum. Just so you know, Affandi was a famous Indonesian artist. When I went to the museum and saw that name, I thought I've heard his name before (yep, that was a fail thing for an architecture student). Then, when I saw his paintings, I remembered that I had learned about him in both middle school and high school. You know, I forgot easily about this kind of thing -.-

A glimpse of inside the Affandi Museum. Love the paintings!

This one was like, the biggest painting in the gallery. Love this (and sorry, I forgot the name of the painting...)

Words to remember!

Since I'm an architecture student, this little kind of thing excited me. Maybe it could inspire me to design hehe.
 After that, we went to Warung Raminten for lunch. Its owner is Yogya's famous transsexual (or transgender -- what do you call it?). Ah, too bad I didn't take a picture of what she looked like.

Three women and a man. I thought that man was a real person... kind of creepy. (Pic taken by my uncle)

This was on the tissue box. Creative and funny.
These were chocolates. And these two described me at most hahaha. I should've bought those, ugh.

That was it. There were so many other moments from that road trip that I could not forget, but I don't want to make you bored. Well, I rarely posted about my personal life -- this blog has been full of either fangirling things or my "random" thoughts -- so I just want to finish this post as soon as possible before I myself also get bored. And I still have other tasks to do... and movies and series to watch.


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Movie Marathon: Jonny Lee Miller

(Note that this post was written on December 23rd 2013, but I just finished it now because the busy week -- and the other tasks which apparently are as deadly as the main one)

Cheers to the (nearly) long weekend!
Cheers to the deadline that has been postponed!
Cheers to another movie marathon!

Call me crazy, but I immediately started another movie marathon right after my lecturer announced that the final assignment's deadline had been postponed to next Monday. This movie marathon was not planned, I'll tell you my reason why I chose this actor. And, my latest 3 movie marathons were all the actors who have played Sherlock Holmes, my favorite fictional character ever -- Robert Downey Jr, Benedict Cumberbatch, and now, Jonny Lee Miller! You can check my SH post here and here :)

Jonathan "Jonny" Lee Miller is one of my favorite actors of all time. For all the people who don't know who he is (OH, COME ON), I suggest you check the TV series Eli Stone, or his latest series Elementary, where he portrays Sherlock Holmes.

JLM was born British, but he also can use American accent perfectly, like he did in some of his movies and in Eli Stone and Dexter. Some people who have watched Eli Stone couldn't believe that he was a British because he sounded and looked like an American. He had played various kind of roles (hacker, drug addict, journalist, pilot, killer, cyclist, detective, and many more -- I wouldn't list them all, right?!) and that's what made him got into the list of my favorite actors haha. He also appeared on broadway for After Miss Julie, and played Victor Frankenstein and The Creature alternately with Benedict Cumberbatch for the stage production of Frankenstein. Yes, they are both Sherlock Holmes!
I've heard him singing in one of his movies, Love, Honour and Obey. He is also a marathon runner. I told ya, he's good at anything. Oh, and he is a supporter of Chelsea -- I knew this because he once replied to my tweet (and it made me go GYAAAAAHHHHH). Too bad, I myself support Chelsea's rival Manchester United. Well, that doesn't mean I stop loving him. Come on, my father is also a Chelsea supporter, my brother is a Gunner (Arsenal supporter) and Barcelona supporter, and my mother doesn't even care about this football thing to support one.

So, what makes you decided to do Jonny Lee Miller movie marathon?
Like I said, I wasn't planning this at all. I just happened to have a Dexter marathon, and since JLM was a guest star in season 5, I rushed to watch it until it reached season 5. I didn't know what kind of role he would be playing; didn't even try to find it on the internet. I just had to watch it. And voila! I loved it. He played Jordan Chase, a motivational speaker who was tied to a rape and murder case. Not that I loved the character, I just loved the way JLM played Chase -- who was inspiring and intimidating (and scary!) at the same time. It was soooo great!!! I mean, I watched him on Elementary first, so I just couldn't believe it that he used to play the character like Chase. *standing ovation*
After I finished it, I got a starstruck on him, despite having known him for years. You can see all the fuss on my latest Midnight Random Thought. Yeah, I'm sorry I got crazy like that sometimes. (SOMETIMES???!!!)
At first, I watched Aeon Flux and Mindhunters only. Then, after a week without movies because of the assignments, it was announced that the deadline has been postponed. So, I got even crazier; I watched all of JLM movies that I had and the ones that I could find.

Here's the list of his movies, according to the time I watched them:
1. Aeon Flux
2. Mindhunters
3. Endgame
4. The Flying Scotsman
5. Plunkett and Macleane
6. Dracula 2000
7. Byzantium
8. Dark Shadows
9. Complicity
10. Trainspotting
11. The Escapist
12. Hackers
13. Love, Honour and Obey

After watching all of them, do you have any specific movies that you've been into?
Is it wrong to say that I LOVE all of them? There are so many movies of his, but I could only watch 13 of them. But I think it's impossible to short-review those 13, so I just picked some.

First, I really, really love Mindhunters. It's like FBI meets Agatha Christie's novel And Then There Were None. How could I not love this movie?! Yeah, I love FBI-related movies or TV series, especially about profilers, like Criminal Minds. I could not just miss this movie. JLM here played Lucas Harper, one of the young FBI students who were sent to an island to undergo a training to be a profiler. What they didn't know was that it was more than a training as they discovered that one of them was a serial killer and was targeting the others. Quite convincing, huh? And it had amazing cast, other than JLM himself.

The second is Hackers, where JLM played a young hacker, Dade Murphy, who, along with other fellow hackers, discovered a dangerous computer virus and must use their skills to take down the man behind it, while being pursued by Secret Service. Oh, and this movie also starred Angelina Jolie (who was JLM's ex wife -- ok, don't be surprised), Matthew Lillard (Shaggy in Scooby Doo), and Jesse Bradford (Charlie in My Sassy Girl). Just so you know, this movie came out in 1995, where the internet was unfamiliar to the public. It has became a cult classic since.

The third is The Escapist. I watched this without subtitle, so excuse me if I got the movie wrong. Denis Hopkins (JLM) was a pilot. When some robbers led by Ricky (Andy Serkis) broke into his house and killed his wife, he tried to get revenge by breaking a police car so he could get arrested -- later attempting to escape purposely from the prison to get him transferred to the maximum security prison where Ricky was. It was very good and thrilling. JLM's acting as desperate and vengeful husband was sooo great. It was supported by convincing acting of Serkis, who was really scary and annoying too.

The fourth is Love, Honour and Obey. So, Sherlock Holmes and John Watson from different adaptations in one film? This is irresistible, at least for me. JLM and Jude Law! Wait, there's more. Rhys Ifans and Sean Pertwee, who played Mycroft Holmes and Lestrade respectively in Elementary (yep, with JLM), also appeared in this movie. Daaammmnnn! I was so happy that I could only laugh and clap my hands speechlessly. In this movie, almost all the characters had the same name with the actors who played them. Jude (Law), who came from a gangster family, was asked by his friend Jonny (JLM) to help him got into the North London criminal gang. As Jonny got more involved, he started making mistakes that would led him and the others to start a 'war' with South London mob.

The fifth is The Flying Scotsman, a film based on the true story of Scottish cyclist Graeme Obree (JLM) who tried to break the world record by building his very own bicycle from washing machine parts and inventing the unlikely riding position. We also could see Obree's mental health problem which he had suffered since the world-record title was stripped from him after only a week. I'm not a cyclist though, but I love cycling with my family. Seeing this movie made me want to go home sooner, reunite with my bicycle, and then go cycling until my legs tired!

Honorable mention: Aeon Flux and Trainspotting
Aeon Flux was the first movie where I recognized JLM. Trainspotting was a good movie, but somehow I couldn't 'connect' with it--but again, JLM was soooooo great in this movie as Sick Boy!

Ah, I really want to write them all, but I'm tired already -_- And I love all his movies. He's always been perfect in every movie he's in.
Okay then, you should know Jonny Lee Miller by now hahaha.

"The whole point of being an actor is to get satisfaction out of a role -- unless you're just vain about celebrity. You're always looking for the one thing that will surprise you."
- Jonny Lee Miller

See you in the next movie marathon post!
And have a great 2014!

Pics were taken from Google, then were made into a collage by me.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014!

First posting in 2014!


Heyho, how was your 2013? Was it good? Memorable? Forgettable? Well, my 2013 was pretty much MEMORABLE. So many great things happened. I had passed my first year as a college student. Oh, God, I feel really old -.-

So, let's just recap the things that happened in this blog in 2013!

1. January - First homecoming
Being a college student far away from home made me really can't wait for January to come: COMING BACK HOME! So, it was my first time coming home after spending 6 months, more or less, as a college student. Oh, and I also had my 3rd movie marathon, Ben Affleck's.

2. February - Ding dong
Too busy with my 2 weeks holiday and preparing for the next semester.

3. March - Running Man era
After watching all the episodes, I got addicted to this Korean variety show! You should watch it too, but beware for the addiction... because all my family, cousins, and friends were strongly addicted to this!

4. April - The climax of the semester when the tasks got pretty unbearable... all I could do was saying hello.

5. May - All the wondering and another movie marathon
In this month I started to think what my real passion was. Architecture or movies? Anyway, I had my 4th movie marathon, which was Robert Downey, Jr., despite all the wondering and the deadly tasks. I was just that cool.

6. June - Falling for the consulting detective all over again
Yep, that's Sherlock Holmes, the greatest (fictional) detective ever.

7. July - Hiatus
Holiday, baby!

8. August - Still hiatus
I was being like some annoying TV series with cliffhanger-y mid-season finale and super long hiatus.

9. September - I'M NINETEEN!!! And obviously best day of my life #4
Nothing happened in this blog, but in my real life and twitter... good things pretty much happened. Several celebrities wished me a happy birthday, including the one and only Jason Mraz. I repeat, JASON MRAZ. Truly unforgettable.

10. October - Fresh comeback & another Sherlock Holmes era
So sad to leave September, I felt like I wanted to skip the rest of the year and reach September next year haha. I was still crazy about the detective (always have, always will!), so I was continuing my Sherlock Holmes post. This month marked the first edition of my newest "continuous post", Midnight Random Thoughts. And since this was October, I posted the 3rd edition of #horrorshortstory.

11. November - The randomest of them all
This month continued with another random thoughts, the 2nd and 3rd edition. Even though it was so random, I still had time to post about the greatest heroes in my life, and of course, another movie marathon -- Benedict Cumberbatch's! But, let's not forget that GITG had its 5th birthday!

12. December - Randomizing the end of 2013
Since this month was the climax of the semester, I couldn't spare my time with GITG. I could only write the 4th MRT and it was full of Jonny Lee Miller, which brought me to my 6th movie marathon. I finished JLM movie marathon on this month, but I just finished the post and it was going to be published after this post. Apparently, the 4th Midnight Random Thoughts was the first post of December 2013 and last post of 2013.

I had another great year. I found several new celebrity crushes, haha! I also got some new life lessons from the people around me. And of course, thanks to Jason Mraz or making my 2013 even better.
I hope 2014 will be better and greater than this year!

Don't look back on yesterday! :)

Pic is taken from Google.