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Monday, April 7, 2014

Is It DRAGIC If I Love These Two PARSONS at Once?

(Bad) pun intended.

This is some kind of expansion from the "basketball crush" section in this post. Beware of the cringe-worthy fangirling things.

I made this meme myself lol

So, yeah, I've been watching basketball/NBA a lot lately. I just can't get that out of my head. Basketball was the sport that I once played but never really enjoyed watching it. In middle school, I was a loyal football fan. Friends knew me as a huge fan of Manchester United and Cristiano Ronaldo. But yeah, I never really played football (only did it with my cousins and uncles when we were spending time together). I was in my school's basketball team back then, but never really made it to a single game because I had a hand injury (I know, ridiculous, huh?) and it forced me to leave the team. I couldn't even write with that hand, how could I play basketball? Haha.

So, I had never officially played basketball, but I still had the ball and occasionally played it in the basketball court nearby with my brother. Since going to college, I've never played basketball anymore. I even rarely watched the football match because I was too busy and too lazy to get out of my room and turned on the TV in my boarding house. Also, my other friends used it almost every night, so there was no chance for me to selfishly watch football while no one else liked it.

But then one day I came home, and my brother had became this crazed NBA fan--L.A. Lakers fan, to be exact. He bought NBA games for his Xbox and played it overnight. He also watched the games on TV--but it usually aired in the morning when he was in school, so he watched the rerun. Not only that, he once asked my Mom to permit him from school because he wanted to watch this particular basketball game.


That one deserved a jaw-dropping. I mean--why would he skip school to watch a basketball game when he could watch the rerun later? I didn't know. He was just that crazy. Of course my Mom didn't allow him.

When I was back home again (earlier this year), he really got on my nerves. He took over both the TVs in our house--one for watching the NBA, one for playing the NBA video game in Xbox. I was like "HEY, BACK OFF I WANT TO WATCH MOVIES!" and he was like "NO I WANT TO WATCH THIS GAME. GO AWAY."

And my youngest brother didn't know what to do seeing his older siblings were fighting like kids even younger than him.

Until one day, I was checking my Twitter and someone in my timeline posted a picture of Chandler Parsons (captioned "the hottest guy in NBA"). Guys... He really was hot! Handsome! Charming! And whatever words you'll use to describe a good looking man. I was like "HEY THERE MY NEW CRUSH!" despite having known nothing about that extremely gorgeous man. That time, my brother was playing the NBA video game again and shouted excitedly like he was playing basketball in real life. So, I kind of disturbed him.
Me: "Do you know any players named Chandler Parsons?"
Bro: "Of course. Duh."
Me: "He's so handsome."
Bro: "I'm not surprised that came from you."
Me: "Seriously, HE IS FREAKING HANDSOME. Tell me more about him."
Bro: "He plays for Houston Rockets. Yes, he is handsome, but he shaved his head for charity and now he's bald. Not handsome anymore."
Me: *stared at him*
Bro: "You know what, stop bothering me. Just go to his Twitter account and see it yourself."

And so, Chandler Parsons became the first basketball player I've ever followed on Twitter. That's an honor for you, Chandler, come on.

Hottest guy in NBA? You don't want to argue it. You haven't seen him in suit!

Days later, my brother was watching a basketball game on TV. I sat on the sofa and saw the teams who played
Me: "Houston Rockets? Is that Chandler's team?"
Bro: "Hmm. Oh. OH! Yes, it is. I forget to tell you. There he is, number 25."

Then my brother kind of told me that Jim Parsons of The Big Bang Theory was a fan of Rockets too because he was from Houston. Coincidentally, his last name was the same as Chandler's. He stated that they weren't related, even though it would be so cool if they were haha.

When I kept cheering for Chandler, my brother cut it, "There's one player more handsome and better than him. Goran Dragic."
Me: "Who?"
Bro: "Just google him. G-O-R-A-N--Goran. D-R-A-G-I-C--Dragic. He plays for Phoenix Suns."
Me: *googled it and looked at the first photo that showed up* "Chandler's more handsome, dude."
Bro: "Don't look at his photoshoot for NBA--the players are never handsome in that. Dragic looks so cool when's playing."
Me: *looking for his Twitter account, got it, clicked the profile photo* "Oh my... Asdfldsjfkl you're damn right, brother."

The next day when we were in Bandung, the TV aired Golden State Warriors vs Phoenix Suns. That time I, my brothers, and my Mom were eating breakfast in a small bistro near my Pops' office. My brother showed it to me and pointed at Goran whenever he made a shoot. He said that Goran was very underrated in NBA. Since the TV was located behind me, I kept looking back to see it. And yes, I saw Goran, with that swift move and amazing shots. I was enchanted. I looked at my brother whenever the screen zoomed at Goran's face and grinned to him.

"HE IS SO COOL. OH MY GOD. HE IS SO COOL!" I said. Whispering of course--we were in a damn bistro full of hungry soldiers for God's sake!
And my brother just nodded proudly as if he was the one that I called 'cool'.

The Slovenian who takes over the court. He may look calm but when he enters the court, he becomes the "Dragon".

Ever since, Goran Dragic and Chandler Parsons (both are still under 30!) have been my favorite basketball players, despite being in the different teams. They once were in Houston Rockets together, but Goran got back to Phoenix Suns and surprisingly became an even greater player there.

For the team, I support Phoenix Suns. I also love Rockets, but they are too good already. I love supporting underdogs lol. And my brother was right--Goran Dragic is the most underrated player in NBA. My brother, who is a Lakers fan, said so. Goran is sooooo great, but was snubbed from NBA All-Star. I still don't understand how it works, but as the new fan of his, I'm sad too.

This was probably my brother's logic:

Yes, I also made this one. Feel free to use it if your brother did the same thing to you :p

And, luckily, I got afternoon classes everyday in this semester, so I can watch basketball games every morning! Yay!
PS: Let's pray for the Suns so they can make it to the playoffs, fellas!

All the pics were taken from Google, except the memes--I made them myself.


  1. I used to be so crazy about Dirk Nowitzki and I'm still a fan of Dallas Mavericks, because he's still in the team. When they made it to the 2006 finals against Miami Heat, I had a drama rehearsal at a friend's house and I made her turn on the TV for me so I can watch the game while we rehearsed. Hahaha. It's so intense, I didn't want to miss a single second!
    But it's been so long since I watch NBA games... oh well

    1. Oh I know him! He's a good player. Dallas is a good team too.
      Maybe if you start watching NBA again, you'll get crazy again :D my brother is right, basketball game is so intense, even more than football because you don't have to wait long for a goal haha. It's also unexpected. I used to think that it's boring, but once I watched it, I got addicted. Now I understand why my brother wanted to skip school just to watch an NBA game :p


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