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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Midnight Random Thoughts #6

Oh dear.

It's like my world turned upside down after Suns traded away my favorite player. Ah, you know who he is. Few of my last posts here at least mentioned his name once.

I'm really messed up. For those who said that him being traded didn't have anything to do with my life, you're wrong. You're absolutely wrong. When the news broke, I called my brother. The first thing he said after picking up my call was, "Please don't cry." Too late, bro--already did. I stared at my laptop reading the news, watching the video of his last interview, with tears and snots all over my face. I couldn't believe it, I just couldn't.

And somehow it affected my spirit at school.

I feel like I don't want to do my task for a while.

But Dan Stevens is so freaking handsome, guys, oh em gee a guy like that really exists. I have to start watching Downton Abbey even though he was only in there for 3 seasons.

It's like an invisible hammer is hitting my head because yesterday I forced myself to watch Fast & Furious 7 even though I have a stomachache and it was raining.

I feel like I don't want to do my task for a while.

By the way, Luke Evans only showed up for a short freaking time in FF7. Was I the only one who thought that his character died after being thrown from a plane? BUT THANK GOD he didn't. He went into a coma. And his revengeful brother, the freaking hot and ass-kicker Jason Statham wanted to get his, well, revenge. And was I the only one who wanted Owen (Luke's character) to wake up and get another revenge for his brother? Yeah, just keep going on like that until Phoenix Suns wins a championship.

Out of Dan Smith (Bastille), Dan Reynolds (Imagine Dragons), and Dan Stevens (the super hot and handsome actor I mentioned above) -- which Dan would you choose? Don't wait for my answer because like hell I would choose one out of those three.

My Mom asked if I had a crush or not (not a 'boyfriend', a CRUSH). I just laughed. What am I, Mom--11 years old? But answering your question, yes I do have a crush.

Being a fangirl is hard. I even have to ask myself if a basketball player who goes by the name Goran Dragic can be considered as a 'crush' or not.

Holy shet. I tried my best to avoid his name but it just appeared.

While I'm at it--can we just finish this NBA season? Suns aren't going to make the playoffs (AGAIN. This was just like my previous MRT, damn). And Goran's team, Miami Heat, is in danger in losing a playoffs spot too.

Dragon dude, why does it all come back to you?

I guess I really am your huge fan.


--End of the randomest (is that even a word) random thoughts--

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