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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Movie Marathon: David Tennant

Finally, I'm having another movie marathon! The last one was Luke Evans, and it was over a year ago. I'm so glad I could finally sit in front of my laptop for a long time again. This time, the actor that made me do so was... *drumroll* David Tennant!

David John McDonald, or professionally known as David Tennant is one of my favorite actors. You probably know him from the series Doctor Who where he played the Tenth Doctor, or in a more universally known Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire as Barty Crouch, Jr. Yeah, the last one would do, because even though Doctor Who is a very famous series, not many people outside UK know it. As an example, there is only one friend of mine who has watched the series and eventually become its big fan. That, my friend, is who you call best buddy! Life is hard when people around you don't know about your favorite thing, isn't it?

Anyway, let's get back to Mr. Tennant. Since he was a kid, he always wanted to become an actor because of Doctor Who, the series which he was a huge fan of. Look at him now, he's living the dream(s) -- he became an actor and played The Doctor! He's not only a great actor who has played many different roles in his career, but he's also a voice actor. Once you hear him speaking, you will know that it's David Tennant--with his unique voice and Scottish accent. With that, he frequently does some radio works and audiobooks. He is also a stage actor, having performed with Royal Shakespeare Company. His most notable theater works are Hamlet, Much Ado About Nothing, and the most recent is Richard II. In early 2015, he was awarded National Television Award's Special Recognition. He's the man of many talents -- and you can't just resist that smile!

So, what makes you decided to do David Tennant movie marathon?
Kilgrave! Um, I mean, Jessica Jones. I can't lie, I think his Kilgrave is the best Marvel villain to-date (well, might be tied with Daredevil's Wilson Fisk/Kingpin). David played him really well and it made me wonder if there was someone out there like Kilgrave. I've also been following David's works for a while, but when I watched Jessica Jones, I was like "I think I should watch more of them."

Okay, so, here's the list of his movies (and TV series, and stage play), according to the time I watched them:
1. Jessica Jones (TV series) 
2. The Decoy Bride
3. Spies of Warsaw (mini-series) 
4. Learners
5. St. Trinian's II: The Legend of Fritton's Gold
6. Einstein and Eddington
7. United
8. Casanova (mini-series) 
9. Much Ado About Nothing (stage play) 
10. Recovery
11. The Pirates! Band of Misfits
12. The Escape Artist (mini-series) 
13. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
14. Blackpool (mini-series) 
15. How to Train Your Dragon
16. Hamlet
17. The Politician's Husband (mini-series) 
18. Nativity 2: Danger in the Manger!
19. Fright Night
20. Single Father (mini-series) 
21. Secret Smile
22. What We Did on Our Holiday

And these are the series I've watched before the marathon:
1. Doctor Who (re-watching it as of now)
2. Broadchurch (just finished the second season)
3. Gracepoint

After watching all of them, do you have any specific movies that you've been into?
Of course. Not only movies, but also the series. And for this post only, I will include the TV series in the list. Should've changed the title to 'Movie and Series Marathon: David Tennant' though haha.

The first, and probably everyone's top of the list, is definitely the long-running series Doctor Who. David played The Doctor (more specifically, the Tenth Doctor), an alien time-traveler--also known as Time Lord--from planet Gallifrey. Together with his companions, they traveled through time and space in his telephone-box-like time machine, TARDIS. Their adventure didn't stop there, as they always encountered evils and they had to battle them. David rose to fame with this role, and his performance is considered the best among the twelve actors who have played The Doctor. He got several awards for it, including National Television Awards for Outstanding Drama Performance.

Second is, please don't get bored, Jessica Jones. David had played villains before, but not as terrible, scary, and convincing as Kilgrave, the mysterious man with mind-controlling ability who had a past with the titular character, Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter). I really want to go on, but I already explained about this series here, and even if I want to talk about Kilgrave only, one post won't be enough :))

Third is Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, a.k.a the very first David Tennant movie I've ever watched. Hogwarts hosted The Triwizard Tournament, a dangerous tournament where the underaged Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) was mysteriously selected as one of the competitors. I was in 6th grade that time, and I was too in love Daniel Radcliffe to pay attention to the guy who played Barty Crouch, Jr., whose appearance was not that long. But I did realize that that guy was good looking. But well, I was only 11 that time, and I thought Daniel was the most good looking guy in the movie. As I've grown up and known more about movies, I've found villains are more compelling than the heroes themselves, so when I watched this movie again, I was intrigued. David did a good job--and that tongue flicks, though!

For the fourth, I'd have to go with another series, Broadchurch/Gracepoint. Here's the thing: Gracepoint is the US remake of Broadchurch, in which both of them have David as the lead roles, DI Alec Hardy (Broachurch) and Emmett Carver (Gracepoint). Both were the detectives who investigated the death of a young boy in respective small towns, accompanied by their detective partners Ellie Miller (Olivia Colman in Broadchurch, Anna Gunn in Gracepoint). Even though they're basically the same series, you can easily notice the difference, other than the actors. Hardy and Carver are also the same characters, but they're different. Despite all that, I recommend you to watch both series.

Fifth is Hamlet. This was originally a stage play by Royal Shakespeare Company, but then was adapted to a television film with the same actors. To be honest, I never watched Hamlet in any kind before. I only heard of the plot, but never really got it why it was so phenomenal... until I watched this. David played the titular character, Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, whose father King Hamlet (Patrick Stewart) just died. Convinced that the King was murdered by his own brother, Hamlet's uncle, Claudius (also played by Stewart), Hamlet sought vengeance while struggling with his own sanity. I never thought I would sit through this kind of thing, but guess what, I did! Three hours of awesomeness. David killed it, and for a second I thought he went insane for real haha. It would be more awesome if I could see the stage play. (Quick trivia: Benedict Cumberbatch has also played Hamlet in the newest stage production.)

Sixth is The Escape Artist. Since I was hooked up with How to Get Away with Murder, I found this mini-series as intriguing. Will Burton was a talented barrister who never lost a single case. But when he agreed to defend a prime suspect in a murder trial, his brilliance bit him back with an unexpected result. It's thrilling and sometimes just makes you want to clap your hands because of its cleverness.

Seventh is Fright Night. It's basically the second movie of David's that I watched. Having known him from Goblet of Fire, I was excited to see him as Peter Vincent, a magician who claimed to be an expert on vampires. He helped Charley (Anton Yelchin) to get rid of his vampire neighbor (Colin Farrell)--but of course, it wasn't that easy. This is an enjoyable movie that has some funny moments that will crack you up, especially David's lines. They were just simple lines, but I was laughing so hard when he said them.

Eighth is Recovery, a TV movie about the life of a family after Alan Hamilton (Tennant) woke up from a deep coma that was resulted by an accident. His behavior completely changed, and it put his relationship with his wife and sons under a great pressure. I'm not gonna lie, I cried watching this. I could imagine if Alan was my father, and he was acting like that. I, too, would feel pressured, but at the same time, he was still my father. We couldn't leave him like that no matter what, could we?

Ninth is Secret Smile. Another thriller, another antagonist played by David, comes in form of Brendan Block. He met a woman named Miranda (Kate Ashfield), fell in love, and then got dumped. Only weeks later, he came back to Miranda's life as her sister's boyfriend. What was actually Brendan's intention? You won't know if you don't watch! Just a heads up though, imagine that Brendan is a younger version of Kilgrave without the mind control thingy. And, I just can't get away without saying this, he was so handsome in this! (Isn't he always? Lol)

The last is What We Did on Our Holiday. David Tennant and Rosamund Pike? Two of my favorite people in one movie! They played husband and wife Doug and Abi, who were on the verge of divorce. For the sake of Doug's father's birthday party, they traveled to Scotland with their three children. But, it all took a twisted turn as the children that they seemed to ignore all the time, did something beyond imagination. I loved how they combined the comedy and drama with some tragic and heartbreaking aspects in this. It's funny, it's sad, it's having its moment. Oh, and also, can Tennant and Pike work together again please? :')

Honorable mention:
The Politician's Husband, Much Ado About Nothing, and United (because I love Manchester United sooo much!)

That is a long post! I just can't stop talking about it because it's still fresh in my mind. I could short-review all of them, but then I have to divide this post into two--and I'm so lazy in doing that haha. There are still so many of his movies and series out there, but I could only find these ones. I also watched his gigs in The Friday Night Project on YouTube, and that made me want to see him more in comedic roles! The reviews above are just my opinions, and it doesn't necessarily mean that the others are not worth watching. In fact, you should watch all of them! :D
For us David Tennant fans, no need to worry. He has so many upcoming movies that we should patiently wait for. While you wait, why don't you vote David for Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Actor in People's Choice Awards? Click here and cast your vote!
If you can't wait any longer, you can always do David Tennant marathon!

"When you're playing a real person, there's a balance between playing the person in the script and playing the person as he was in life. You have to be respectful and true to who that person was, but at the same time tell the story in the film."
- David Tennant

Catch you later!

Pics were taken from Google, then were made into a collage by me. I made the gif myself.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy 7th Birthday, Geek In The Green!

Sebelum bulan November ini, post terakhir yang saya tulis adalah pada bulan April. Bukan tanpa alasan kenapa butuh waktu 7 bulan untuk saya kembali melirik GITG, tertarik untuk menumpahkan isi hati pada blog tersayang ini. Sebelum bulan April, beberapa post saya penuh dengan kecintaan saya terhadap manusia bernama Goran Dragic. Tapi, setelah dia di-trade ke tim lain, hasrat hidup menulis saya hilang seketika.

Memang aneh rasanya kalau self-proclaimed writer seperti saya tiba-tiba ogah menulis hanya gara-gara pemain basket favoritnya pergi ke tim lain. Alasan sebenarnya adalah karena blog ini sudah terlanjur penuh sama dia, dan saya butuh waktu untuk menerima kenyataan pahit bahwa Goran Dragic sudah menjadi pemain Miami Heat.

And I've accepted it.

My favorite basketball and football player--both wearing the same number: SEVEN!

(When I found out that Goran was wearing number 7 for Heat, I was crazy excited! Cristiano wears the same number for Madrid. And both of them happened to be my favorite players who left my favorite teams (Suns and MU) for other teams (Heat and Madrid).)

Back to GITG. Seperti biasa, saya nggak pernah bisa posting tentang ultah GITG di tanggal yang tepat (23 November) karena berbagai alasan. Namun tahun ini, alasannya adalah karena saya baru saha binge-watching series yang langsung menjadi salah satu series favorit saya, Jessica Jones. I was too obsessed with the series that I couldn't possibly talk about anything else at that time. Malah saking sukanya, sekarang saya lagi marathon filmnya David Tennant (if you don't know who that is, I will explain it to you in the movie marathon post after I finish it). So, that explains why I write this post at this date.

Happy birthday, lovely! Semakin lama, saya jadi semakin malas menulis di sini. I'm sorry, but fiction is more interesting (*cough* Wattpad *cough*). Saya pun sedang mengerjakan novel ke dua, judulnya Mystery Loves Company. Pembacanya lebih sedikit daripada Outburst--and oddly, I don't care. Saya pengen menyelesaikan MLC apapun rintangannya.

Saya pengen banget rajin update blog, walapun saya tahu pasti nggak ada yang baca. Tapi, di mana lagi saya bisa latihan menulis selain di sini dan di Wattpad? Masalah readers, it's just a mere luck. Mungkin tulisan saya nggak sebagus tulisan lain di dunia blog dan Wattpad. Mungkin cerita saya nggak seseru cerita lain. Dan mungkin juga karena yang saya pelajari di bangku kuliah berbeda jauh dengan hobi saya ini, so... I kinda fall in the wrong crowd.

But it always happens with people who have multiple interests. It will be boring if I only like one type of thing, right? It's life! We have to balance everything! (Except I'm bad at social life--don't follow this path haha)

Alright, then. Semoga ke depannya saya bisa tetap aktif di sini, mau nulis tentang apapun itu. Semoga juga kalian nggak bosen baca yang itu-itu aja. Aamiin.

Seven years, and amazingly, still counting.

Happy birthday, mate. You're bloody getting old, aren't ya?
Say it with a British accent. It sounds better that way.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Currently Addicted To: Marvel's Jessica Jones

Okay, how do I start this? I LOVE JESSICA JONES. Wait, who's Jessica Jones--or what is Jessica Jones? Sorry, I'm too excited to talk about this series that I forget to give you a proper introduction.

Marvel's Jessica Jones or Jessica Jones is a new series from Netflix. Marvel, you say?! Yes, this series happens to be a part of Marvel Cinematic Universe, like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Agent Carter, and Daredevil (which aired by Netflix too). Yes, this is a superhero series. But, no, you won't see much of superhero(ine) actions (aside from some fighting scenes) because the titular character, Jessica Jones, is actually a former super-heroine who becomes a private investigator.

From the premise, you can see why I already loved this series, since I love Marvel and detective thingy.

(One thing you should know about JJ that it is not a series you'd like to watch with children around. The series' dark, noir, and mature content are not suitable for children. So, be advised, that this isn't Avengers-type of shows.)

Di series ini, Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) adalah seorang mantan pahlawan super yang memiliki kemampuan berupa superhuman strength dan terbang. Ia memiliki masa lalu yang kelam, yang nantinya akan kita ketahui perlahan-lahan selama series berlangsung. Karena itu, ia mencoba untuk hidup normal dengan menjadi private investigator/detektif swasta yang sarkastik, tough, dan tentu saja, badass.
Namun, sebuah kasus hilangnya seorang gadis, membuat Jessica kembali dihantui oleh masa lalunya. Di situ ia diberi dua pilihan--terus berlari dari kenyataan atau menghadapinya.

Nah, yang menjadi daya tarik dari series ini adalah bagaimana seorang Jessica Jones melawan ketakutannya terhadap seseorang dan sesuatu dari masa lalunya. Perlu diingat bahwa bahkan seorang superhero juga manusia dengan hati dan perasaan. At least, Jessica is. She is pictured as an ordinary human being (with extraordinary ability) in which we can relate.

Di mana ada hero, di situ ada villain. Give it up for Kilgrave, yang diperankan dengan sangat brilian oleh David Tennant (sebagian besar dari kalian pasti kenal dia dari Doctor Who)! Zebediah Kilgrave (Killgrave di komiknya--dan saya rasa seriesnya nggak pernah mengungkapkan nama depannya), sosok misterius dari masa lalu Jessica yang dapat mengendalikan pikiran (mind-controlling) orang-orang. Dia lah orang yang menciptakan rasa takut di dalam diri Jessica. Dia lah penyebab Jessica mengidap PTSD/Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Kenapa? Mungkin kalian harus nonton series-nya biar lebih greget.

Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones

David Tennant as Kilgrave

(Krysten Ritter and) Rachael Taylor as Trish Walker

(Krysten Ritter and) Eka Darville as Malcolm

Mike Colter as Luke Cage

Selain dua karakter yang sudah saya sebut di atas, Jessica Jones memiliki karakter pembantu yang tidak kalah menarik. Trish Walker (Rachael Taylor), sahabat Jessica; Malcolm (Eka Darville), tetangga Jessica; Will Simpson (Wil Traval), seorang polisi yang memegang peran cukup penting di series ini; Hope Shlottman (Erin Moriarty), si missing girl yang menjadi sumber masalah; Jeri Hogarth (Carrie-Anne Moss), yang saya juga masih nggak ngerti keberadaannya itu buat apa; serta Luke Cage (Mike Colter), love interest Jessica yang nanti juga punya series sendiri (Marvel's Luke Cage). Masing-masing karakter memang punya kekurangan dan kelebihan sendiri, tapi itu yang membuat series ini semakin menarik untuk ditonton. 

Favorite character?
Kilgrave, of course. In fact, he is like the most interesting character in the series. In the comics, he is called 'Purple Man', who has purple skin. Whereas in the series, they don't paint his body purple (thank God), but give him some purple outfit and purple lighting to imply it. Kilgrave, with his mind-controlling ability, is very terrifying, scary, intimidating--mostly because he is portrayed realistically by the amazing David Tennant. Dia nggak berasal dari planet lain ataupun berniat untuk menguasai dunia seperti villain-villain lain dalam film superhero. Because of that, he becomes one of the most compelling villains in MCU. Dan, sebagai fans berat David Tennant, memang sangat menarik melihat dia memainkan peran yang berbanding terbalik dengan peran yang membuat namanya melejit, The Doctor dalam Doctor Who. I'd give a thousand claps and standing ovations for this guy for perfectly portraying a mind-controlling maniac. Maybe he deserves an Emmy or Golden Globe? :p

Banyak yang membandingkan series ini dengan Marvel's Daredevil, series Netflix yang juga merupakan bagian dari MCU. Dua series ini sama-sama menggunakan dark tone dan memiliki villain yang realistis, namun dari subgenre-nya sendiri sebenarnya berbeda. Daredevil, dianggap sebagai 'best superhero series of all time', memiliki cerita yang lebih serius dan dark, serta full-action di setiap episodenya. Sedangkan Jessica Jones lebih mengarah ke psychological thriller dan cenderung lebih 'ringan' dibanding Daredevil. Mungkin karena mereka merupakan dua dari empat series Marvel yang tayang di Netflix, membandingkan keduanya adalah sesuatu yang 'wajib'.

Oke, guys. Saya sangat merekomendasikan untuk menonton Jessica Jones. Sebanyak 13 episode telah dirilis all-at-once. Yep, I was binge-watching this because I just couldn't stop! I love this. Tapi sebelum itu, jangan lupa juga untuk menoton Daredevil. Keduanya cukup berkaitan, dan kalaupun tidak, tidak ada salahnya untuk menyaksikan Daredevil karena series itu memang bagus banget. Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, dan Iron Fist merupakan series yang nantinya akan di-crossover di miniseries Marvel's Defenders. Wow, makin keren aja MCU! Can't wait for those series!

"Knowing it's real means you gotta make a decision. One, keep denying it. Or two, do something about it."
- Jessica Jones

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Midnight Random Thoughts #6

Oh dear.

It's like my world turned upside down after Suns traded away my favorite player. Ah, you know who he is. Few of my last posts here at least mentioned his name once.

I'm really messed up. For those who said that him being traded didn't have anything to do with my life, you're wrong. You're absolutely wrong. When the news broke, I called my brother. The first thing he said after picking up my call was, "Please don't cry." Too late, bro--already did. I stared at my laptop reading the news, watching the video of his last interview, with tears and snots all over my face. I couldn't believe it, I just couldn't.

And somehow it affected my spirit at school.

I feel like I don't want to do my task for a while.

But Dan Stevens is so freaking handsome, guys, oh em gee a guy like that really exists. I have to start watching Downton Abbey even though he was only in there for 3 seasons.

It's like an invisible hammer is hitting my head because yesterday I forced myself to watch Fast & Furious 7 even though I have a stomachache and it was raining.

I feel like I don't want to do my task for a while.

By the way, Luke Evans only showed up for a short freaking time in FF7. Was I the only one who thought that his character died after being thrown from a plane? BUT THANK GOD he didn't. He went into a coma. And his revengeful brother, the freaking hot and ass-kicker Jason Statham wanted to get his, well, revenge. And was I the only one who wanted Owen (Luke's character) to wake up and get another revenge for his brother? Yeah, just keep going on like that until Phoenix Suns wins a championship.

Out of Dan Smith (Bastille), Dan Reynolds (Imagine Dragons), and Dan Stevens (the super hot and handsome actor I mentioned above) -- which Dan would you choose? Don't wait for my answer because like hell I would choose one out of those three.

My Mom asked if I had a crush or not (not a 'boyfriend', a CRUSH). I just laughed. What am I, Mom--11 years old? But answering your question, yes I do have a crush.

Being a fangirl is hard. I even have to ask myself if a basketball player who goes by the name Goran Dragic can be considered as a 'crush' or not.

Holy shet. I tried my best to avoid his name but it just appeared.

While I'm at it--can we just finish this NBA season? Suns aren't going to make the playoffs (AGAIN. This was just like my previous MRT, damn). And Goran's team, Miami Heat, is in danger in losing a playoffs spot too.

Dragon dude, why does it all come back to you?

I guess I really am your huge fan.


--End of the randomest (is that even a word) random thoughts--

Friday, February 20, 2015

Dear Goran Dragic

"Somebody said that I’m the worst player in the NBA and my last name should not be 'Dragic', but ‘Tragic’. That sticks in your head. It sticks in my head. Every time when I was on a practice court, I always had this in my mind, tried to get better, tried to prove those people that they were wrong."
- Goran Dragic

First of all, I'm not gonna lie. This makes me really sad. You are my favorite player and Suns are my favorite team. Seeing you parted ways just pumped my tears out.
If you allow me, I will tell a little flashback. I wasn't that interested in basketball after injuring my hand back in junior high. But when my crazy-basketball-fan brother told me about you and the Phoenix Suns, I took my crazy-football-fan mind to the NBA.
The very first Suns game I watched was vs Golden State Warriors on February 8th 2014 (it was February 9th here). I was enchanted by your play and the chemistry of the team. It led to a 122-109 win. This team, I thought to myself, is actually good. And that Goran Dragic is VERY good!
So, yes, I've become a Phoenix Suns fan and a Goran Dragic fan starting from that day.

You're practically my first favorite basketball player.
You tricked me into making Suns my favorite team and now I can't get out (#Suns4Life!).
You're also the first famous person who has retweeted my tweets 3 times--boy, that equals an Oscar to me. Since I'm a long-distance fan, this kind of action makes me so happy, you know.
You spent your precious time to take a look and like my drawing on Instagram.
You change my life, Mr. Goran Dragic.

But hey. I know I'm sad about this. I know I've been frowning since the trade rumors came. My brother had warned me before that a player didn't always stay with one team. I knew that, because my favorite football player, Cristiano Ronaldo, was exactly the same--he was leaving my favorite team, Manchester United. But I knew it wasn't a decision that was made overnight. I knew Cristiano felt that "this is the time" and decided to leave MU, the team who made him what he is right now, to gather more experience.
So, when I actually heard this, I understood. I was upset, but I understood. You're the only one who knows what's best for you, and the Suns are the only one who know what's best for them.

You came back to Phoenix after being traded. If I were you, I would probably think "Why would I come back to the team who traded me?" But you chose Suns. You chose to come back. That's one kind of loyalty.
You led the 2nd worst team in NBA to a near-playoffs spot last year. You made the people who underestimated them bugged their eyes out and were totally impressed by the improvement.
Along with that, you were awarded 2013-14 NBA Most Improve Player and All-NBA Third Team. As a fan of both you and Suns, I could never been prouder.
And in this crazy half season, you help putting them to a playoff race again.

So--with both tears and smile--thank you for everything you've done to this team. Thank you for your huge efforts. I'm sorry if you feel disappointed with them, but thank you for clarifying it on your Twitter. I'm gonna miss you. We are gonna miss you.

I wish nothing but best of luck for you and your brother Zoran, in your new team, Miami Heat.

Your huge fan from Indonesia,
Widya Nurul