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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Movie Marathon: Ben Affleck

I said that I would do Ben Affleck movie marathon right after Matt Damon's. Well, here is it, I keep my promise really well, right? *talking to the mirror*

Before I start my review, I want to say CONGRATULATIONS to Ben Affleck for winning Best Director (again), this time at Golden Globe Awards 2013! He beat four other top directors; Steven Spielberg, Kathryn Bigelow, Ang Lee, and Quentin Tarantino, which was a great achievement because it's only his third movie as director. Not only Best Director, but Argo won Best Picture - Drama (again) as well! I'm sorry, Academy what~~? :p

Haha I'm too excited to talk about Affleck's win. Let's back to the topic: Ben Affleck movie marathon.

Benjamin Geza Affleck-Boldt or known simply as Ben Affleck is, yes, one of my favorite actors all the time. Do I really have to say that every time I post about movie marathon? Yes, I think so. I can't think about anything cleverer to write as opening :p
By the way, yes, he has a younger brother, Casey Affleck. Yes, he's also an actor, and yes, he's as handsome as his elder brother. Oh, and yes yes yes Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are best friends since childhood. Together, they won an Academy Awards for Best Original Screenplay and Golden Globe Awards for Best Screenplay following their work in Good Will Hunting. Even though they have their own families now, they still hang out together, sometimes with their family too. Is there any of you girls/boys can beat the loyal and long last friendship like Affleck and Damon's? Well, congratulations.
Affleck married to the actress Jennifer Garner and they have four three children; me, Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel. I don't know why do I even talk about his family here haha whatever. By the way, I really, really love Affleck's chin and I want a chin like that. Or at least a husband with chin like that haha kidding. Um, not really kidding actually :p

So, what makes you decided to do Ben Affleck movie marathon?
Same reason with Matt Damon movie marathon. Yeah, it's because of that Jimmy Kimmel video hahaha. It's really funny. The video features many of actors and actresses. Watch it, I say, watch it!

Here's the list of his movies, according to the time I watched them:
1. Good Will Hunting (from Matt Damon movie marathon)
2. School Ties (from Matt Damon movie marathon)
3. The Sum of All Fears
4. Man About Town
5. He's Just Not That Into You
6. Smokin' Aces
7. Bounce
8. Hollywoodland
9. Daredevil
10. State of Play
11. Surviving Christmas
12. Jersey Girl
13. Gigli
14. Forces of Nature
15. Boiler Room
16. Paycheck
17. The Company Men
18. Changing Lanes
19. Shakespeare In Love
20. Pearl Harbor
21. Gone Baby Gone (director, writer, and producer)
22. The Town (also director and writer)
23. Dogma
24. Chasing Amy
25. Armageddon
26. Argo (also director and producer)

After watching all of them, do you have any specific movies that you've been into?
Of course! But it's not just 4 or 5 out of 26 movies I've watched. There are more than it I suppose. Although Affleck had a bad time of his career in 2002-2004 (especially when he was still dating J-Lo) and his movies which were released that time didn't get so much attention (box office bomb, yes) I still love some of them. Listing time!

The first is Armageddon. Maybe some of you say that this movie is not good or whatever, but I LOVE IT. In fact, this is the first movie that made me cry :p Please don't judge me, I watched this movie for the first time when I was in 9th grade, so yeah I was a little bit overreacted to it. Affleck is sooo freakin handsome in here, playing a deep core driller A.J. Frost who, along with his boss Harry Stamper (Bruce Willis) and others, is recruited by NASA to drill the asteroid which will hit Earth in less than a month. When I first watched this I really didn't care about the storyline because all in my head was Affleck. Well, it apparently made me cry, so yeah I love it :)

The second is Argo, the third movie that Affleck directed. The Argo-hype hit me in October 2012 when some of the celebrities I follow on Twitter tweeted about how amazing this movie was. I was really curious, but Argo wasn't released at the local cinemas so I was losing hope to see this movie. But then, it was announced that Argo got many nominations in many award events, so did Affleck, and apparently they won several awards. I wanted to wait for the DVD or Bluray to come out but it's still long so I decided to watch the copy instead. And you know what, Argo, f*ck yourself! Fantastic and brilliant movie, it got me chills! Set in 1979 when the American embassy in Iran was invaded by Iranian revolutionaries, Tony Mendez (played by Affleck), an ex-filtration specialist manages to save six Americans who escape from them and hide in Canadian Ambassador's residence, by making a phony film project. Well done, Affleck, well done. I bit my t-shirt and hit my brother with a pillow when watching this because it was so thrilling. Try to watch it guys, best Affleck movie so far.

The third is The Town, the second movie that Affleck directed. Yes, Jeremy Renner was in this movie and his role as Jem Coughlin earned him Academy Awards and Golden Globe Awards nominations for Best Supporting Actor. But we're not talking about Renner here (yes, I will do his movie marathon later, promise!). Affleck played Doug MacRay, a professional bank robber who falls in love with a bank manager (Rebecca Hall) whose bank, yes, was robbed by him and his 3 friends before, while trying to hide this relationship from them. The Town is recommended for you guys who love heist/robbery movies.

The fourth is Gone Baby Gone, the first movie that Affleck directed, but he wasn't playing any roles in this. The lead role, Patrick Kenzie, was played by Affleck's younger brother Casey. Patrick and his girlfriend/partner Angie Gennaro (Michelle Monaghan) investigate a little girl's kidnapping which ultimately risks everything including their lives. Well, I first watched this movie when I was 8th/9th grader and I really really loved it. Affleck brothers really did good job working together in this movie. I hope there's more collaboration between them like this :)

The fifth is State of Play, starring Affleck and Russell Crowe. The story follows a team of reporters (played by Crowe and Rachel McAdams) who work with a police detective to solve the murder of a congressman, Stephen Collins' (Affleck) assistant. One thing that I love from this movie is the investigation. Ya know I love detective thingy, but reporters can do the same! I thought this movie is a heavy political drama and blah, but actually it has some mysteries that makes me sit sweetly for 2 hours to watch this.

The sixth is The Sum of All Fears. Jack Ryan was previously played by Alec Baldwin and Harrison Ford. In this movie, Affleck took the role. This time Jack must find out about the terrorist plan that threatens to induce a conflict between US and Russia's newly elected president. FYI: Jack Ryan will be played by Chris Pine in the 2013 movie.

The seventh is Paycheck, where Affleck played Michael Jennings, an engineer who is offered a job but his memory must be wiped afterwards. After deciding to take the job and gets his memory wiped, he discovers that he's being chased--and he has to find out why. I love this movie, but when watching it, my mind was a little distracted by, uh, I forgot. I didn't watch it seriously, but I did watch the ending. Maybe I should watch it again? Yeah~

The eight is Pearl Harbor. Ben Affleck and Josh Harnett? Who can't say no to them? Hahaha. Anyway, yes, this movie is telling about the Pearl Harbor attack that happened on December 7th 1941, but with more love story. Rafe McCawley (Affleck) and Danny Walker (Harnett) are two best friends who become Army Air Corps pilots. Rafe falls in love with a nurse (Kate Beckinsale). Who knows that Rafe's decision to go fight in Britain affects his relationships with both his best friend and girlfriend? Don't worry, the love story is fictional, but I can say that it dominates the whole film than the Pearl Harbor incident itself. It's just me, maybe you have different thoughts. Cool effects though.

Actually, I love some other films like Jersey Girl and Changing Lanes, but this post is too long already haha. I'm kinda lazy to use jump break so this is it. And I watched 3 episodes of Saturday Night Live in which he was the host. It was sooooo funny! My favorite episode was S29E15 when the prologue was about his relationship with J-Lo. Couldn't stop laughing =))
By the way, Affleck is confirmed to direct and star in an adaptation of Live By Night, a novel by Dennis Lehane, who also wrote Gone Baby Gone novel. I also can't wait for his next movies To the Wonder and Runner, Runner.

"As an actor, you can steer a scene in another direction by playing it a little differently. And honestly? I like being an actor, and I want to keep having a career."
-Ben Affleck

That's it from me, see you in the next movie marathon post! Gotta think about who's next! ;)

Pics were taken from Google, then were made into a collage by me.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

I'm Coming Back Home...


*guling-guling di tempat tidur*

Alhamdulillah, akhirnya perkuliahan semester satu selesai.
Akhirnya bebas dari tugas dan deadline.
Akhirnya UAS selesai.
Akhirnya Pameran Semesta Nusantara selesai (dan sukses berat).
Akhirnya saya berjumpa lagi dengan Bogor!

Sebelum mengungkapkan kebahagiaan ini, saya mau cerita tentang hal lain yang membahagiakan.


Di sini kami para mahasiswa Arsitektur Universitas Brawijaya 2012 memamerkan (bukan pamer yang pamer gimana gitu ya) hasil karya dan tugas kami selama semester satu. Lima hari, tapi rasanya sebentar banget. Oh iya, selama 5 hari itu kita dapet 1216 pengunjung loh! Semesta Nusantara sukses sukses sukses!!!

Karya dwimatra dari kelompok saya, 3B. Juara 3 dari voting pengunjung breh!!! :')

Karya trimatra dari kelompok 3B :')

Itu siapa sih? Merusak nilai estetika trimatra 3B aja deh.

Hari terakhir pameran juga merupakan deadline tugas besar Gambar Teknik. Sebelas gambar breh! Memang sih dikasih waktunya 6 minggu, tapi yakaliantahusayakerjaannyamoviemarathonmelulu. Bahkan, minggu-minggu UAS saya nggak belajar sama sekali. Habisnya yang di UAS cuma matkul umum dan open book semua (kecuali matematika, tapi suksesjugadongkarenayagitudeh haha). Malahan saya malah lanjut Ben Affleck movie marathon haha.

Ngomong-ngomong tentang Ben Affleck, pas saya lagi seru-serunya ngerjain GT, saya buka twitter dan menemukan berita bahwa aktor ganteng itu nggak dapet nominasi Academy Awards atau Oscar untuk Best Director.

Reaksi pertama pas liat tweetnya Rotten Tomatoes: cengo.
Ben Affleck tuh dijagoin banget loh karena film ketiga yang disutradarainya, Argo, mendapat positive reviews. Saya emang belum nonton film itu (gubrak prang klontang klontang meooww, belum nonton aja udah kecewa banget loh daddy ku yang satu itu gak masuk nominasi), tapi saya yakin banget filmnya bagussss, bisa dilihat dari dua film Affleck sebelumnya, Gone Baby Gone dan The Town. Mantap! Yang belum nonton dua film itu sok ditonton! Ben Affleck is not just another actor-turned-director!

Karena saking keselnya, GT sempet tertunda beberapa menit, mendadak nggak napsu gitu lihat potongan, perspektif, denah, cuma gara-gara hal sekecil itu doang. Padahal siangnya, saya dapat berita menggembirakan: Robert Downey Jr, Jason Mraz, dan Chris Hemsworth menang People's Choice Awards! Congratulations guuuyysss! Itu artinya, sebagai fans kalian saya nggak gagal! :')

Daddy RDJ and his award. Keren seperti biasa.

 Tapi, kekesalan saya hilang waktu liat berita kalau Ben Affleck akhirnya menang Best Director di Critics' Choice Awards! Bukan hanya Affleck, tapi Argo juga menang Best Picture! Wohooowwww congrats Daddy Ben!!! Yang lebih bikin seneng (ketawa, lebih tepatnya), acceptance speech-nya Affleck pas nerima award Best Director.

"I would like to thank The Academy."

Hahaha walaupun setelah itu dia bilang kidding, tapi saya yakin di dalam lubuk hatinya yang paling dalam, dia beneran nyindir Academy. Habisnya, Ben Affleck jadi salah satu 'the most shocking Oscar snub' sih, ditambah Argo masuk nominasi Best Picture (tapi Affleck nya kagak masuk Best Director) dan bagus banget kan filmnya, ya pantas aja sih menurut saya kalo dia nyindir-nyindir The Academy =))

Brought to you by Roti Maryam (random pic--ceritanya sponsor posting ini)

And finally, I'M COMING BACK HOOOME! Kangen sekali dengan kamar tercintah yang ternyata telah diambil alih oleh adik saya yang paling kecil. Tapi sekarang saya sudah sampai rumah, jadi mau nggak mau ya adik saya harus mau didepak hahaha *evil laugh*

Lha, orang ini muncul lagi. Merusak suasana.

I really, really need vacation. Kalau kata Jason Mraz mah "You don't need a vacation when there's nothing to escape from" (Everything Is Sound) dan itu tidak berlaku untuk saya because I want to escape from college thingy!

Dan saya setuju banget dengan Mbak Taylor Swift: "Tonight's the night when we forget about the deadlines." (22)

Wah, yang tadinya cuma pengen ngomongin first homecoming saya, jadi ngalor ngidul ke Ben Affleck dan roti maryam gini ya haha. Oke deh, cukup sekian dan sampai jumpa lagi! :*

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013!

First posting in 2013!

(picture taken from @unitedarmyfc's twitter)


So, how was 2012 for me? So many wonderful things happened, and I hope I can make them happen again in 2013!

Duaribuduabelas, tahun yang sangat berat sekaligus menyenangkan bagi saya.
Tahun di mana saya belajar nggak habis-habisan dan Alhamdulillah, mendapatkan buah yang manis dari hasil kerja nggak keras saya itu.
Tahun di mana saya mendapatkan SIM tapi ternyata cuma jadi hiasan di dompet aja.
Tahun di mana fangirling menguasai hidup saya.
Tahun di mana saya mencintai quote "nothing is impossible" karena abang (?) atau pemain bola favorit saya bergabung dengan klub bola favorit saya.
Tahun di mana rekor home tak terkalahkan Manchester City pecah karena Manchester United (HAHAHA MANCHESTER IS RED!).
Tahun di mana rumor berakhirnya dunia makin panas dan film 2012 tampaknya harus ganti genre dari action jadi comedy.

Ya, seperti itulah kira-kira ulasan kecil tentang tahun duaribuduabelas bagi saya.

Pokoknya, banyak lika-liku (ceile) di tahun 2012, termasuk kehidupan jadi mahasiswa yang ternyata lebih berat dari SMA. Emang, bohong aja tuh yang bilang kuliah itu menyenangkan. Sini tukeran tempat sama saya haha.

Okay, flashback time!

1. January - Another fresh start
2012 starts with an addiction to this TV series called Sherlock! Instantly fell in love with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. This series is not only good, but also BRILLIANT! And it contains many of unforgettable moments and almost every single of it is my favorite.

2. February - Believe in myself...
...because there are no boundaries! Starting to make myself believe that I can reach anything I want and nothing's gonna bring me down!

3. March - Getting closer to national examination, but...
...all I can do is watching movies and TV series I love. I even listed the first part of TV shows I've been addicted to. And, and, and... I was amazed by this Indonesian movie... yes, The Raid! One of the best Indonesian movies and action movies EVER!

4. April - National Examination (UN) and Greyson Chance fever
Yeah, in this month, exactly at April 16th 2012, I attended the National Examination, for graduation. Yes, yes, I did it very well I think.... and right after the examination was done, I was going to Greyson Chance's concert to relieve the stress! He was only 14 that time but OMG................. <3333

5. May - Days of worries and studying
National Examination was done, but SNMPTN hadn't. So I was trying to study hard, but somehow it failed because I still could open my blog and posted some big and important days that would come. And The Avengers apparently became my favorite superhero movie ever, and the cast became my favorite cast ever, and the actors were included to my favorite actors of all time ;)

6. June - SNMPTN and Jason Mraz once again
Maybe the only thing that encouraged me to study hard for SNMPTN was Jason Mraz's concert that would be held nine days after SNMPTN. And it was true, although I was a little pessimist about it, I could enjoy watching Jason Mraz for the second time! Haha and also, it was one day before his birthday. Once again, aMRAZing!!!

7. July - Best day of my life #3
No posts for this month because of Ramadhan (what--GITG was also fasting!), but there was smile in my face because I could pass SNMPTN (second choice, but still happy)! Alhamdulillah, thank you for the support my lovely family :*

8. August - Preparing for college
And GITG helped me with that, so no posts :) But this month was special because.... ROBIN VAN PERSIE GOES TO UNITED! xD

9. September - I'M EIGHTEEN!!!
And officially a college student! Yeaaayyyy! Gotta get ready for the new age and new life. Having a wonderful birthday once again ;)

10. October - Edward Norton Movie marathon!
It was not the first movie marathon I had, in fact, it was the fourth. But this was the first movie marathon I posted. Love Edward Norton! :D

11. November - The four letter word era
Yeah, hahaha. I hated that four letter word actually because I didn't want to get broken heart (whoops). But that feeling was undeniable. Yes, I know. But now I forgot about it already haha. Also, GITG had its 4th birthday, wohoooo!

12. December - Wonderful era and closing of 2012
Wonderful? Yes! First, United won against City in Manchester derby! I told ya, Manchester is RED! Second, we survived December 21st! Haha lol ;p And so many other wonderful things. But among them, there was some things that made me sad, exactly on December 20th 2012. But yeaaaah, I could make the sad went away because once again, I had a movie marathon, Matt Damon's! And apparently, it was my last post of 2012.

2012 has been a great year to me. My love (ceile) to RDJ, Jeremy Renner, and Chris Hemsworth has been grown (going crazy about them, especially on Renner! Hahaha). Several famous people replied my tweet in twitter :) I hope they will again in 2013 haha. And yes, 2013 has to be better.

Don't look back on yesterday! :)