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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Midnight Random Thoughts #4

  • It looks like I'm getting a starstruck on Jonny Lee Miller recently even though I've been a fan of his for a quite long time. (2 years is long right?)
  • And you know what triggered it? Dexter season 5, where JLM played a motivational speaker who was a possible rapist, Jordan Chase.
  • I watched Elementary (where he played my favorite detective Sherlock Holmes) first, and then I saw him on Dexter -- I laughed. He was so annoyingly handsome and annoyingly great. And I started to think that if Jordan Chase and Sherlock Holmes switched shows, it would be perfect.
  • My first 3 random thoughts are about Jonny Lee Miller, so I guess I really, really got starstruck on that man.
  • Despite the fact that I and JLM are supporting different football teams (MU and Chelsea, which are long time rivals), I'm still a fan of his.
  • Ooops, sorry, it turns out that there are 6 random thoughts about JLM.
  • Let's move to the next topic. I'm so full I can't even drink any more water.
  • I don't want to do my tasks. Can they just finish themselves?
  • Ed Sheeran has a great voice (and yes, I just realize it now). I never listened to any of his songs before, until I found out that he sang the song I See Fire for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug soundtrack.
  • I've said that I really couldn't wait for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, but I still wait for the right time to watch it. (read: I still wait for the days when the tickets are reachable by my wallet)
  • I almost can't talk about anything else besides TV series, movies, films, motion pictures, flicks, and that thing that we see on big screen in a huge room with comfy seats.
  • I feel guilty for not attending the class last Friday. Sorry not sorry.
  • Charlize Theron is so beautiful.
  • Why hasn't my Amazon order arrived? It's been 4 days since the estimate delivery day that they settled. I'm afraid that the stuff would be sent to the wrong address :(
  • And, my prize for winning a quiz on twitter hasn't arrived as well. Again, is my house located in Bermuda Triangle or something?

 Always randomizing your life this blog.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Movie Marathon: Benedict Cumberbatch

Wow it's been a long time since I had my last movie marathon. Now that I'm back to the hectic days of college, I start to do another movie marathon, despite the bigger and more tasks coming up on me.

Yep, this time is Benedict Cumberbatch's turn! But before that, I want to apologize to myself because I've said in previous movie marathon post that I would either choose one of these actors: Jeremy Renner, Tom Cruise, Shia LaBeouf, Anton Yelchin -- but apparently I didn't do it. I just had the mood for the charming Cumberbatch. Let's find out why I chose him.

Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch, simply known as Benedict Cumberbatch (simply?! It's like one of the longest two-words names lol) is, of course, one of my favorite actors of all time. You may or may not know him. If I wrote this post on, let's say, two or three years ago, you might not know him. But it's freaking 2013 now. Who doesn't watch -- at least know -- Sherlock, the BBC mini-series, or Star Trek Into Darkness? Oh, please.

Benny came from an entertainer family. Both of his parents (Timothy Carlton and Wanda Ventham) are actors. Maybe that's why he decided to become an actor -- a GOOD one! Because of his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes in Sherlock, he was nominated for Best Actor in BAFTA TV Award, Golden Globe Award, and Primetime Emmy Award. His performance in Parade's End also earned him a nomination in Emmy. And so many other awards that he won or just to be nominated. It was good, right? Brilliant!
Well, since he is British, his accent is just WOW! In addition, his unique and handsome face got him SO many fans, who called themselves "Cumberbitches". I love him, I love him sooooo much, but I wouldn't call myself a "bitch" though -_- And in several interviews or talk shows, he showed an objection over that name. He called his fans "Cumbercollective" instead. Ah, I don't care about the name. What matters is that we, his fans, are here supporting him forever. *tsaaahhh*

So, what makes you decided to do Benedict Cumberbatch movie marathon?
Same like RDJ's, this was my second BC movie marathon. The first one was last year, right after I saw him on Sherlock (see my blog post about it here) and I got this starstruck, so I was looking for some of his movies. I was crazy, crayzaaaaayy, about him that time (I still am though haha), because he portrayed my favorite fictional character very well, and he is so handsome! Any objection about this? Hahaha you better not. Other reason is I watched him in various talk shows (Jimmy Fallon, Graham Norton, Alan Carr: Chatty Man) and I was like "Oh, man, I need to watch all his movies again". Well, I did the movie marathon finally, but not all of them, just the ones I could find. Plus, because Benny is also a TV actor, I watched several TV series that he had appeared in.
In fact, this was the shortest movie marathon I've ever had. If we count only the movies, I finished them in only 3 days! Hahaha. It was weekend, from Saturday to Monday, non-stop watching Benedict Cumberbatch. But, the TV series marathon is still going on right now -- I currently watch Parade's End, and I will watch Sherlock some time before the premiere of series 3 hehe.

Here's the list of his movies, according to the time I watched them:
1. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
2. Hawking
3. Small Island
4. The Whistleblower
5. Atonement
6. Van Gogh: Painted with Words
7. The Other Boleyn Girl
8. Third Star
9. War Horse
10. Starter For 10
11. Wreckers
12. Marple: Murder Is Easy
13. Stuart: A Life Backwards
14. Star Trek Into Darkness
15. Inseparable (short film)  
16. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

And this is the list of his TV/mini-series that I watched:
1. To the Ends of the Earth
2. Fortysomething (playing Hugh Laurie's son. I repeat, HUGH LAURIE!)
3. The Last Enemy
4. Parade's End
5. Sherlock

PLUS, I also watched the stage production of Frankenstein, directed by Danny Boyle, in which he played two alternating roles of Victor Frankenstein and The Creature, opposite Jonny Lee Miller, with whom he also shares the iconic role of Sherlock Holmes (Miller plays Holmes in Elementary).

After watching all of them, do you have any specific movies that you've been into?
Yes, of course. Benny is a GREAT actor, and every role he has portrayed is pretty much memorable. Well, I will only list the movies, not the TV series because hey, it's actually a movie marathon! And since I only watched 16 movies of his, I could short-review all of them (?) or maybe just a few. Let's just start.

The first, well this one is my favorite character of his after Sherlock Holmes, it's Star Trek Into Darkness! You don't need to explain much about the movie because it got me at "Benedict Cumberbatch as a villain". Plus, it's the sequel of the freaking Star Trek! It's got Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, Anton Yelchin, Karl Urban, AND Simon Pegg. Awesome, huh?! Just put Benny's name between theirs and it's million times more awesome! So, Benny's villain in this movie is known under the name of John Harrison, a renegade Starfleet officer who was apparently having his own hidden agenda after bombing a secret Section 31 installation in London. The Enterprise crews were ordered to catch and kill him, not knowing his true intention. Sounds convincing, huh? Yes! And I love the handsome villains like Loki and Sylar (hey, he's in this movie too, lol!). The movie is even better, guys. If you haven't watched it yet, well, shame on you!

The second is Third Star. Most of you guys probably don't know this movie. That's okay, I'll review it for you and make you want to check this movie hehe. Benny played James, a young man terminally ill with cancer. He knew that he wouldn't live any longer, so he set a last hiking trip to his favorite place on Earth, Barafundle Bay, with his three closest friends. Yep, it's a simple drama, but I've got to tell you guys, I couldn't stop crying when watching this. Sure this was not a truly tearjerker drama, but it hit me hard, really hard. I don't know, maybe because I have best friends, we get along really well like James and his friends, but this movie proved that even best friends could be teared apart by a simple behavior or statement. Really, this movie is very recommended. If you don't like a "quiet" drama, then don't watch this. This movie didn't use much music/score, but like I said, it still could make me cry. Also, I love movies about guys' friendship more than girls'.

The third is Stuart: A Life Backwards, a TV movie -- which you probably never heard before. Ok, for the heads up, this movie had Benedict Cumberbatch AND Tom Hardy as its lead actors. It was enough to convince me to watch it, even though I had no idea what this movie was about until I saw it. So, it was based on a biography of a writer and charity worker Alexander Masters, played by Benny in this movie, about his friend Stuart Shorter (Hardy), a homeless alcoholic. They met and struck up an unlikely friendship as Alexander learned and wrote about Stuart's complicated life, violent past, and traumatic childhood, in backwards.

The fourth is Hawking. Again, this is a TV movie based on Stephen Hawking's life when he was first diagnosed with motor neuron disease at the age 21. In spite of that, Stephen Hawking (Benedict Cumberbatch) still tried to live his life as the PhD student at Cambridge University and was in the middle of his research of "beginning of time". You know, Benny is very good at portraying this kind of roles. He looked like he was really sick, and it kind of broke my heart. I wasn't sure if it caused by Benny, the good actor, or Stephen Hawking, the real-life figure who actually has this rare illness. Anyway, this was the breakout role for Benny I think. He was nominated for BAFTA TV Award. And he was only 28 at that time.

The fifth is Marple: Murder Is Easy. This one was actually an episode of a TV series, but let's just consider it as a movie because Benny only appeared for one episode. So, before Sherlock Holmes, he had portrayed another detective, Luke Fitzwilliam. In this movie, Luke was working together with Miss Marple -- yep, it's that famous character by Agatha Christie -- to investigate seemingly accidental deaths that occurred in a village of Wychwood. Since I enjoy any detective stories, I love this one, even though it didn't satisfy me. Still, Benny looked super handsome in this :p

The sixth is War Horse. Of course you know this one -- an Oscar-nominated movie by an Oscar-winning director, Steven Spielberg. He's one of my favorite directors, so I can't miss this one. War Horse told the story of Albert Narracott (Jeremy Irvine) and his beloved horse, Joey. Well, I could say that the main character of this movie was the horse itself, as it was traveling around the England after it was sold to a young cavalry officer Captain Nicholls (Tom Hiddleston -- yes it's THAT Hiddleston, guys!!!). Like Tom's, Benny's role in this movie was small, but important. He played Major Jamie Stewart, the commander of the cavalry. Great movie, made me cry too. Also, who can resist Irvine, Cumberbatch, AND Hiddleston (they are my favorite British guys!) in one movie?

I think that's it. Don't worry, those were just the movies that I wanted to short-review, but I will still at least tell you each of memorable characters played by Benny from his movies (sorry, can't tell you all of them).
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy - Peter Guillam, a partner of Gary Oldman's character, George Smiley.
Atonement - Paul Marshall, a creep (find out why I said this by watching the movie, guys...)
Van Gogh: Painted with Words - Vincent Van Gogh -- you must know him, come on.
Starter for 10 - Patrick Watts, a strict, ambitious leader of University Challenge team, which looked like he could have an exciting battle of brains with The Big Bang Theory's Sheldon Cooper.
Wreckers - David, an ordinary husband whose secrets slowly uncovered as his brother, Nick, came and ignited a sibling rivalry.
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - Necromancer, a mysterious figure. Benny provided a performance capture, and a voice for latter movies.

Wow, it's a long post despite a very small amount of movies that I watched haha. Anyway, what's next for our Cumberbatch? You can catch him as Julian Assange in The Fifth Estate (it was already out in US, and I haven't watched it because it didn't come out in my country), critically-acclaimed 12 Years a Slave, The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug (only voice and performance capture), and star-studded August: Osage County. And Benny has already signed for a few movies in the future, so I guess we have to wait patiently!

"I've been very lucky at what's happened in my career to date, but playing something as far from me as possible is an ambition of mine -- anything from a mutated baddy in a comic book action thriller, to a detective."
- Benedict Cumberbatch

See you in the next movie marathon post!
(Well, this time I won't give any candidates haha. I will do any actors' movie marathon according to my mood :p)

Pics were taken from Google, then were made into a collage by me.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Midnight Random Thoughts #3

  • I'm tired of all these non-stop assignments. I want to do nothing at all.
  • People who give spoilers intentionally or unintentionally, have you ever had your head shoved to the wall made of steel, with a Hulk power?
  • I'm starting to love Imagine Dragons. At first I only knew 2 of their songs -- Ready Aim Fire (because it was featured in Iron Man 3 soundtrack) and Radioactive (my brother recommended it to me). But then yesterday I saw them performed on American Music Award, and BOOM! I downloaded their album and fell in love instantly. My new favorite band.
  • If there was a Running Man and The Hunger Games crossover, the Career Tributes would die first because of betrayals.
  • I want to star in a movie with Jeremy Renner.
  • Oh, and by the way, lose the beard and mustache, Renner.
  • #SherlockLives #SherlockIsNotDead #SherlockHolmesAlive
  • Am I the only one who find that Bill Hader is handsome? Well, in a freak-ish kind of way because he got that hilarious look.
  • Jimmy Fallon will host SNL with musical guest Justin Timberlake. Best episode alert! Boo-yah!
  • I forget how to drive a car.
  • Even though I am still in sophomore year of college, I already start thinking about my senior year. "What project shall I do later?" "What if I can't do it?" "What if I can't graduate?" -- and blah blah. Geez.
  • Trust me, guys, doing a Benedict Cumberbatch movie marathon during this hectic week makes you less worry about the tasks. But, me? I completely ignore them. Benny is way more interesting.
  • Although I haven't seen Dallas Buyers Club, I really hope Jared Leto will get an Oscar nomination.
  • I miss my brothers.
  • Fifth Bourne movie is in the work. FINALLY.
  • I don't mind being talked by people because of my weird thinking of behavior. Just so you know, me in real life and me in social media are totally different. Don't say I didn't warn you.
Random as usual. It's the effect to this task I'm doing right now.
Au revoir!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Happy 5th Birthday, Geek In The Green!

Wow, nggak kerasa udah 5 tahun wara-wiri di dunia blogger dan posting di blog ini masih aja random dan nggak jelas. Lima tahun lho, kerjanya cuma ngoceh aja, sama sekali nggak menginspirasi orang-orang haha. What to do, I can only chatter in this blog because I can't really do that in real life. Menulis memang sudah jadi hobi saya dari dulu, jadi saya lebih jago ngoceh di tulisan daripada ngoceh pakai mulut :))

Yep, back to GITG's birthday. Kebetulan jatuhnya pada hari Sabtu, jadi saya bisa nulis post ini tepat pada tanggal 23 November walaupun malam-malam.
Anyway, what special things happened on November 23rd 2013?
Absolutely none. Seperti biasa lah hahaha. Tipikal hari Sabtu saya pada umumnya--banyak tugas, tapi saya nggak nyentuh itu sama sekali, malah nonton + tidur aja seharian. Oh iya, saya lagi movie marathon Benedict Cumberbatch loh! Tunggu bahasannya ya di sini hehe.

Okay. I think that's it. Look how random it is hahaha. Oh, and don't forget to check my movie blog--it is basically just me talking about some movies, but don't consider it as a review. I'm not a reviewer--not a good one obviously.

Bye. Five years and still counting.

Happy birthday, buddy. Keep being a random blog.
Love, the even-more-random owner.

Pic is taken from Google.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

There's a Hero in Us All

Hayooo, hari ini hari apa?
Yang jawab hari Minggu... bener sih, tapi bukan itu maksud saya.

10 November. Tentu masih ingat dong pelajaran semasa SD? Nggak usah buka buku catatan SD deh, tanggal 10 November pasti sudah melekat banget di otak kita sebagai Hari Pahlawan Nasional.

Ngutip dari Tante Wikipedia tentang sejarah singkat kenapa 10 November diperingati sebagai Hari Pahlawan:

Pertempuran Surabaya merupakan peristiwa sejarah perang antara pihak tentara Indonesia dan pasukan Belanda. Peristiwa besar ini terjadi pada tanggal 10 November 1945 di Kota Surabaya, Jawa Timur. Pertempuran ini adalah perang pertama pasukan Indonesia dengan pasukan asing setelah Proklamasi Kemerdekaan Indonesia dan satu pertempuran terbesar dan terberat dalam sejarah Revolusi Nasional Indonesia yang menjadi simbol nasional atas perlawanan Indonesia terhadap kolonialisme.

Got it? Get it? Good :)

Talking about heroes, these are some of the greatest heroes in my life:

1. Para Pahlawan Nasional Indonesia -- Tanpa mereka, mungkin Indonesia masih menjadi negara jajahan. Tanpa mereka, Indonesia tidak akan semakmur ini. Tanpa mereka... I cannot even imagine it. Thank you :')

2. Guru-guru saya dari jaman TK, SD, SMP, SMA, sampai les macam-macam -- Terima kasih atas didikannya, Ibu/Bapak guru. Mungkin saya nggak pernah jadi anak yang menonjol di kelas. Mungkin saya sering nggak dengerin Ibu/Bapak di kelas. Tapi saya sangat berterima kasih. Tanpa guru-guru, saya nggak bakal jadi anak kuliahan :)

3. Dosen-dosen Arsi UB dari yang baik sampai yang baik banget -- Bukan, ini bukan sarkasme. Nggak ada dosen yang jahat. Kalau mereka jahat, mereka bakal masuk penjara (?) Dosen yang kita anggap menyebalkan biasanya adalah dosen yang berpikiran nggak sejalan dengan pikiran kita. Wajar dong, kita kan manusia. Kalau pikirannya sama semua, mungkin Bumi akan miring sebelah. Ibu/Bapak dosen, terima kasih atas ajarannya tentang Arsitektur dari hal yang paling kecil sampai yang besar, dari saya nggak ngerti sampai ngerti dikit. Maaf kalau gambar saya nggak pernah memuaskan. Maaf juga kalau pas asistensi gambar saya nggak pernah finish. Maaf, dan terima kasih :')

4. Para pembuat film, sutradara-sutradara, beserta kru-krunya -- Tanpa mereka, saya bisa gila.

5. Penulis-penulis novel -- Paling bisa bikin saya termotivasi untuk menulis. Dan melupakan status saya sebagai mahasiswa Arsitektur.

6. Aktor-aktor favorit saya yang banyak itu (lihat rinciannya di tab Profile deh) -- Of course, they're my heroes. My idols, my heroes. Thank you for making me look more and more like a crazy person each day!

7. Musisi-musisi dan band-band -- Music is the greatest thing in life. Thank you for the good music, I will not forget you.

8. Twitter, Blogger, Facebook, Instagram, Path, semua situs jejaring sosial, dan tentu saja INTERNET -- Tanpa mereka, mungkin kita bakal terus nebang pohon untuk bikin kertas. Buat apa lagi selain surat menyurat. Terima kasih!

9. Gadget -- Tanpa mereka... uh, it's a mad, mad world. Hmm, walaupun mereka membuat yang jauh makin dekat dan yang dekat makin jauh... terima kasih, gadgets!

10. Jason Mraz -- Do I need to explain why? :')

11. My friends -- Each of them. Semua, semuaaaa teman-teman saya. Mau yang bener-bener best friends saya, atau pun yang sekadar kenal tok. Terima kasih, kawan, terima kasih. Di tengah-tengah hidup saya yang penuh dengan hal-hal fiksi, kalian lah yang membuat saya tetap non-fiksi, alias tetap seperti orang biasa yang punya kehidupan di dunia nyata. (Apah coba ih)

12. My brothers -- Teman laki-laki pertama yang saya miliki di dunia. Semenyebalkan apapun mereka, sebesar apapun keinginan saya untuk menukar mereka dengan Cesc Fabregas atau Robin Van Persie (jahat amat ih si kakak), mereka tetap adik-adik saya. My heroes. Best brothers ever. I love you, brothers. Thank you.

13. Last but not least... the best heroes everyone can have...

Mom and Pops.
The best thing that ever happened to me.
Thank you so much for this life, Mom, Pops. I love you.

"All these heroes come and go... but YOU'RE still standing."
- David Cook (from the song "Heroes")


Sunday, November 3, 2013

Midnight Random Thoughts #2

  • So I just watched Kerry Washington's Saturday Night Live episode and I was right. She still couldn't top Edward Norton's, just like I said in the previous MRT. Well, let's see how will Lady Gaga do in 2 weeks.
  • I had a thought of summoning Thor to give the employee at one of the movie theaters here a taste of his Mjolnir, for turning off the screen before I got to see the last post-credit scene of Thor: The Dark World.
  • Tom Hiddleston or Chris Hemsworth have to host SNL at least once. Please.
  • And I just watched Only Lovers Left Alive trailer. Vampire Hiddleston. I'm sold.
  • I think my latest Face-Time with my parents was so funny.
  • I'm afraid that one of the posters in my room wall will tear up by themselves.
  • It's a long weekend for me. All I do is watching movies & series, sleeping, writing, eating, while the tasks piling up over there.
  • I'm starting to question my real passion. It's like I don't belong in Architecture. Or anywhere.
  • Zachary Levi, who played Fandral in Thor: The Dark World, looked like Jimmy Fallon in a flash.
  • Had a dream about Seth Meyers coming here and did a Weekend Update show. I encouraged my friends to see it but they hated it, even mocked it. Weird dream.
  • Just found some old SNL sketches of Robert Downey, Jr. He was funny, but I think I understand why they fired him back then. Aside from it, he has to host SNL again. He's even funnier now.
  • Can somebody please buy me the book package of Thomas Harris' Hannibal Lecter series? I want it so bad, but apparently my wallet doesn't.

What's your random thoughts now?

Thursday, October 31, 2013

#horrorshortstory (Episode 3 - Halloween Edition)

Nope, I'm not celebrating Halloween. There's no such thing in my country. But, I'm always excited about this because I'm a horror fan.

It's been a LONG time (2 years!) since I posted the latest #horrorshortstory. Why uses hashtag? I don't know, maybe because those posts first came from my tweets, then I turned them into blog posts. This time, I didn't tweet about #horrorshortstory on my Twitter. Funny story actually. Today -- Thursday, October 31 2013, is Halloween day. And tomorrow is Friday, also known as "Studio Day" for us the 3rd semester Architecture students. So, I write this episode of #horrorshortstory directly to this blog because I have so many drawing tasks to done.
Funny... or horror?

Anyway, let's enjoy this.

  • *knock knock* "Trick or treat!" | *opens door* "Go away or your head is gonna be my next Jack-o'-lantern."
  • "Mom, look at that balloon! It looks like Daddy's head!" | And so the Mom finally knows why her husband didn't come home last night.
  • *at a Halloween party* "I saw a beautiful chick dressed as a ghost lady whose body was bloody and perforated this big!" | "You realize that our school's Halloween theme this year is superheroes right?"
  • "Who's that guy dressing as Wolverine?" | "It's not Wolverine, it's Freddy Krueger. And it's Freddy himself. And he's coming our way... RUN!!!"
  • *fixing the car machine* "Ah, this is depressing. Dude, give me a hand." | That dude does what he's told. Meanwhile, on the other side of the road, a guy is screaming. He loses a hand.
  • *in the car* "Whoa, that's a creepy laugh. May I change the radio station?" | "Uh... The radio is broken for months..."
  • *a car hits something, the driver gets out* "Oh, God, what did I hit?" | "I think you just found my head, Sir, thank you."
  • "Daddy, look! It's a cool motorcycle!" | "Honey, we're driving on a highway..."
  • The amount of the sculptures in that old man's house increase as more missing person's fliers are distributed to the whole town.
  • Going to a Halloween party alone. Everyone keeps admiring my wig, as no one dares to wear Sadako's costume. Wait. I'm pretty sure I dress as a witch.

It's too short, I know. And maybe it's not scary. I'm sorry, but I have to get back to my tasks and the movie Thor that I'm watching right now :p

Have a freaky Halloween, people! Watch out for Michael Myers.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Midnight Random Thoughts #1

It's not exactly midnight though, but let's call it so because it makes a catchy title (really? Who are you--the readers?). This might be a continuous post because you know, I am so random. It's like my Can't Sleep posts--which I haven't posted about it again since 2 years ago--but, yeah, let's see.

This is the very first edition of my Midnight Random Thoughts:

  • Are they ever gonna make the fifth Bourne movie? They said they would, but then they wouldn't. Matt Damon said he was interested, but then he said he didn't know where the movie was going. DAMN IT PEOPLE JUST GIVE US--ME--A CLEAR STATEMENT!
  • I just drank an expired coffee and I hope my stomach is okay.
  • Seth Meyers has the sweetest smile among the Saturday Night Live cast members.
  • Jonas Brothers (finally) call it quit. I think I'm the only fan who is still calm because when the rumor started to spread, I thought that it was only their strategy to surprise their fans with their new album. This used to be my prediction: they deleted their Twitter account, fans were sad, and suddenly they came back again with brand new album, still together, not breaking up, and live in peace. Huh. Apparently my prediction is a big miss.
  • The average age of my top 12 favorite actors is 40. This doesn't mean I like old men... right?
  • Edward Norton has to host Saturday Night Live again.
  • I don't think Kerry Washington can top Norton's SNL episode. It's the best of the season so far.
  • Can I just skip this week, and the next week, and the next week, aaaannndddd all of these freaking weeks so I can go back to Bogor faster?

That's it. Told ya it's random.

See you again, randomers.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Elementary, My Dear Sherlock Holmes(es) - Part 2

Continuing from the previous post, I will still talk about Sherlock Holmes. But this time is more specific -- I'm gonna talk about these recent Sherlock Holmes adaptations:
1. Sherlock Holmes and Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, films directed by Guy Ritchie
2. Sherlock, aired by BBC
3. Elementary, aired by CBS

Seperti yang sudah saya jelaskan sebelumnya, saya nggak bermaksud untuk membandingkan adaptasi-adaptasi ini satu sama lain. Saya di sini hanya sebatas mengoceh dan mengeluarkan pendapat, juga sekalian fangirling hehe. Saya suka semua adaptasi Sherlock Holmes, mulai dari jamannya Jeremy Brett di serial Sherlock Holmes (1984-1994), Nicholas Rowe di Young Sherlock Holmes (1985), sampai sekarang yang paling baru adalah Jonny Lee Miller di Elementary (2012, ongoing). Ada yang lebih baru lagi, yaitu serial Sherlock Holmes versi Rusia (diperankan Igor Petrenko), tapi belum tayang, mungkin sekitar musim gugur tahun ini.

Yuk ah, langsung aja kita bahas :D

PERHATIAN! Bagi kalian yang belum pernah menonton salah satu dari tiga adaptasi Sherlock Holmes yang sudah disebutkan di atas dan ada keinginan untuk menontonnya nanti, saya sarankan jangan baca posting ini. SPOILER ALERT! (Kecuali kalau kalian suka spoiler...)

WARNING! For those who haven't seen one of three Sherlock Holmes adaptations that I mentioned above and planning to watch them later, I suggest you to leave this post. SPOILER ALERT! (Except if you love spoiler...)

Beuh. Gaya banget pakai bilingual.

Okay. Ready, set, go!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Wake Me Up When September Starts Again Next Year

Goodbye, my favorite month and obviously the miraculous month of the year, September!

Hey, y'all, how you doin'? I'm a sophomore in university now! Apaaaahhh?! Kenapah cepet banget qaqa?! Perasaan baru kemarin masuk kuliah dan nulis posting ini? Yeah, time flies so fast :')
So, the last post was about 3 months ago. It means when I was coming back home and enjoyed my quite long holiday, I never thought of blogging. I really really used my time to be with my family, watch Korean dramas with my Mom, and do The Big Bang Theory marathon. It was soooo fun! Then I remembered, I promised you the 2nd part of my Sherlock Holmes chattering. I'm so sorry, I totally forgot about it :(

But before I post it, I want to talk about something else: what a great September we (well, I) have this year!

Okay, first, happy belated birthday to me!
I turned 19 years old a month ago, or on September 4th. Don't worry, I still accept belated birthday wishes and the birthday gifts of course! (what are you--nine? -_-)
September, selain menjadi bulan penting bagi saya, juga menjadi bulan menyebalkan. Kenapa? Karena kami para mahasiswa-mahasiswi, khususnya yang merantau nun jauh di sana, mesti balik kuliah dan meninggalkan ru-mah, ke-lu-ar-ga, dan tentu saja, li-bu-ran. Jadi, liburan 2 setengah bulan yang cuma kerasa kayak 2 setengah hari itu benar-benar saya pakai bersama keluarga.

So, what happened when you're on holiday?
Typical holiday, nothing special. In fact, I didn't go anywhere but home. But it was the true meaning of holiday for me, who goes to college far away from home. Saya memang anak rumahan banget! Tapi saya juga bakal girang dan hepi kalau ada yang ngajak saya jalan-jalan.

Tapiiiii... yang spesial justru datangnya waktu hari ulang tahun saya yang ke 19. Tua banget ya, udah 19 tahun lagi. Waktu mulai blogging, saya baru 14 tahunan deh ._.
Jadi, tanggal 4 September 2013, orang tua saya lagi sibuk-sibuknya kerja. Saya paham itu, dan saya nggak nuntut macam-macam dari mereka. Jadi saya di rumah sama adek-adek saya (yeah, being a nanny!) cuma bertiga. Tepat jam 12 malam tanggal 4, lagi asyik-asyik bobo dan mimpi indah, orang tua saya nelpon ngucapin selamat ultah beserta rentetan doa yang saya denger cuma setengah-setengah karena nyawa saya belum ngumpul sepenuhnya. Anak macam apa itu udah didoain baik-baik tapi nggak denger?! Well, tenang aja, begitu mereka pulang, mereka ngomong langsung sama saya kok :) Thank you Mom, Pops, I love youuu! :*

Pagi-paginya, adek-adek saya masuk kamar saya dan lagi-lagi tidur saya diinterupsi, kali ini oleh nyanyian happy birthday fals mereka :') Mom, Pops, and brothers... they don't need to give me birthday presents. All those wishes and prayers will be the best present ever from them :') But, it's an exception if you're a friend of mine :p (kabooorrrr)

Siangnya, my besties Diba, Damar, dan Ega (thank you Ega for accompanying me doing a pre-birthday movie marathon a day before!) datang ke rumah dengan niat mau ngopy film. Terus, mereka mau nyiapin surprise bolu sangkuriang plus lilin ultah, tapi ketahuan duluan sama saya hahaha. Anyway, I still blew the candles. Thank you guys, you're the best :')

Diba, me, Damar, and Ega. Love you guys :*

Tadi itu orang-orang yang ngucapin selamat secara langsung. Ada juga yang lewat twitter, facebook, dan telepon. Thank you so much, guys!

Oh iyaaa... What made it more special was... (I think you're already guessing it) I got some birthday wishes from some celebrities. Basically, the first one who wished me a happy birthday was Christopher Gorham :D Then I got wish from Dane DeHaan, Drew Seeley, and again, Gabriel Mann favorited my tweet. And Mark Ruffalo wished me too, but 17 days later :p Thank you guuyyyssss, walaupun cuma dua kata aja, saya seneng banget loh!

BUT... It wasn't just them who wished me happy birthday. It. Wasn't. Just. Them.

Jason. Freaking. Mraz.
JASON MRAZ, guys, my favorite singer-musician eveerrrrr :'D

Adek saya aja sampe bilang "Gila Kak Iya hoki banget, dia kan jarang balas mention!"
I know, Dek, I know. That's why I was freaking happy. Saya nggak nge-spam. Beneran deh. Itu pas tengah malam, plis, ngapain juga saya nge-spam-in twitter orang, idola saya lagi. Saya lihat dia update status twitter, ya saya iseng ngetweet ke dia "it would be the best birthday ever if you tweet me. Just sayin' :)". Nah, saya tambahin just sayin' lagi, karena saya emang nggak mengharapkan balasan dari dia (dia jarang banget kali balas mention orang). Tapi, BAM! Satu jam kemudian dia balas tweet saya, dan saya sadar pas besok paginya :') I couldn't even scream because I was too happy.
First, he mention my name in his live chat 3 years ago. Then, he wished me a happy birthday. Miracle indeed happens, guys, just wait for it :'D

Dear the 16-years-old me, IT HAPPENS. Sincerely, 19-years-old you.

And not just that. I happened to join a Rush movie Q&A with Ron Howard and Chris Hemsworth on Facebook--and Chris replied to my question! September is really a month for fangirling :')

Now, that's it from me, guys.
Please wake me up when September starts again next year, and we'll see what other miracles are waiting :)

Friday, June 7, 2013

Elementary, My Dear Sherlock Holmes(es) - Part 1

I've been wanting to blog about this since a long time ago. So, what is this post about?
Sesuai dengan judulnya, saya akan membahas tentang detektif paling keren sejagad raya alam semesta tata surya (apasih -_-)... SHERLOCK HOLMES!

Ya, saya cinta mentok sama detektif yang satu ini. Sayang banget dia itu cuma tokoh fiksi karangan Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Kabarnya, dalam mendeskripsikan karakter Holmes, Opa Doyle terinspirasi oleh beberapa orang yang ia kenal, seperti Joseph Bell--seorang dosen kedokteran yang suka mengambil kesimpulan akhir dari pengamatannya terhadap hal-hal kecil--dan Henry Littlejohn--seorang dokter bedah yang pernah bekerja dalam kasus kriminal. Nah, Opa Doyle menggabungkan kedua karakteristik dari dua orang itu dan... bam! Jadilah Sherlock Holmes :D

Sherlock Holmes menyebut dirinya sebagai seorang consulting detective di London. Apa itu consulting detective? Detektif yang dikonsultasikan atau dimintai bantuan dalam suatu kasus ketika kasus itu sangat sulit dipecahkan atau sudah berada di luar batas kemampuan polisi atau detektif lain. Holmes sering memecahkan kasus dengan analisis dan deduksinya yang luar biasa keren. Dalam petualangannya, Holmes ditemani oleh partner-nya Dr. John Watson yang tinggal bersamanya di 221B Baker Street, London. Holmes punya kakak, Mycroft Holmes, seorang pejabat pemerintahan.

Nah, itu tadi cuma segelintir tentang Sherlock Holmes. Kalau mau tahu lebih banyak, mari baca novelnya (sebagian besar menggunakan sudut pandang Dr. Watson) :D
Kita bahas tentang judul posting ini sebentar ya... Sebenarnya, kalimat itu berbunyi "Elementary, my dear Watson", sebuah catchphrase terkenal yang sering banget muncul kalau kita lagi bahas Sherlock Holmes. Tapi... Ada tapinya lho. Catchphrase ini nggak pernah benar-benar diungkapkan oleh Holmes. Cari deh tuh di semua novelnya, nggak ada kata-kata seperti ini. Memang sih, Holmes pernah bilang "elementary" dan memanggil Watson dengan "my dear Watson", tapi ini cuma spekulasi dari fans-nya aja walaupun sudah melanglangbuana.

Sherlock Holmes illustration by Sidney Paget (source)

Kecintaan saya pada detektif bermula dari komik Detektif Conan. Siapa coba yang nggak tahu Conan? Conan Edogawa garis miring Shinichi Kudo loh ya, bukan Conan the Barbarian. Jadi, waktu masih kelas 1 SD dulu di Pontianak, saya nonton animenya DC. Terus pas ke toko buku ada komiknya, saya beli deh tuh (ya, saya sudah jadi pecinta komik sejak kecil, thanks to my Mom :D) tapi komik Conan pertama yang saya beli itu nomor 9 karena nggak ada yang nomor 1. Akhirnya sama Mama dibeliin deh tuh 1-8, ngeborong gitu. Dan begitulah, saya terus beli Conan, mengoleksinya, sampai sekarang udah kuliah semester dua masih belum selesai komiknya. Buat Aoyama-sensei, pokoknya ending komik ini harus mantap tap tap, biar yang long time fan kayak saya bisa terharu biru bacanya dan nggak merasa 'percuma' udah koleksi banyak. Sejak baca Conan, saya jadi suka banget sama hal-hal berbau detektif. Bahkan, saya pengen ikut-ikutan jadi detektif.

Lho katanya mau bahas Sherlock Holmes, kok jadi melenceng ke Conan?
Eits, jangan salah. Di kehidupan saya, ngomongin Sherlock Holmes tanpa menyinggung Conan itu namanya pengkhianatan. Komik Conan-lah yang mengenalkan saya pada tokoh detektif legendaris itu. Di abad modern seperti ini, saya tahu dari mana lagi coba tentang Sherlock Holmes yang terkenal banget di tahun 1800-an? Dulu saya cuma demen sama komik, mana pernah nyentuh novel, apalagi novel 'berat'. Wajarlah, namanya juga anak kecil, senengnya kan lihat gambar. Tapi tokoh Conan a.k.a Shinichi di sini sangat amat mengidolakan tokoh detektif lain bernama Sherlock Holmes. Karena nama Holmes (dan Hercule Poirot juga) lumayan sering disebut di komik itu, saya search deh di Google. Bla, bla, bla, udah dapat banyak tuh informasi tentang Holmes, tapi masih belum tergerak untuk baca novelnya. Novel pertama yang saya baca adalah Laskar Pelangi-nya Andrea Hirata, itu pun karena dibeliin Papa. Setelah Laskar Pelangi, saya malah mulai menjamah teenlit, instead of reading Sherlock Holmes stories karena saya yakin ceritanya berat banget.

Dan dua tahun kemudian, tahun pertama saya di SMA, muncul film Sherlock Holmes yang disutradarai Guy Ritchie. Saya yang sudah lama 'melupakan' Holmes, langsung super duper happy pas tahu tentang film ini. Saya langsung mikir "Tau aja nih Hollywood kalau saya males baca novelnya." Apalagi, yang jadi Sherlock Holmes itu si Tony Stark a.k.a Iron Man! How could I miss this movie? Hahaha. Akhirnya cussss deh nonton sama temen-temen. Reaksi saya? "SUMPAH KEREN BANGET AAAA SHERLOCK HOLMES I LOVE YOUUU!" Ya tapi saya nggak teriak-teriak kayak gitu di bioskop, aje gile -_- itu suara hati saya yang lega karena akhirnya bisa menyaksikan seperti apa Sherlock Holmes yang diidolakan Shinichi Kudo itu tanpa harus baca novelnya, sekaligus awal mula kegilaan saya terhadap detektif yang satu ini.

The many faces of Sherlock Holmes. Jonny Lee Miller belum masuk sini karena masih baru :)

Orang-orang yang lahir tahun 1900-an mungkin jarang atau bahkan tidak pernah mendengar nama Sherlock Holmes sebelumnya, kecuali para penggila novel detektif atau misteri. Padahal banyak adaptasi Sherlock Holmes, mulai dari serial TV sampai film, tapi kemunculan film Guy Ritchie inilah yang membuat orang-orang tahu tentang Sherlock Holmes. Thank you Guy Ritchie, thank you Robert Downey, Jr., thank you cast and crew! Setelah film ini muncul, novel-novel Sherlock Holmes pun dicetak ulang dengan cover baru, dan akhirnya saya beli novelnya! Hahaha. Semakin tua ternyata saya semakin suka sama yang berat-berat begini, mulai dari novel sampai film. Yay me!

Selain itu, muncul juga berbagai adaptasi Sherlock Holmes yang lain, banyak banget deh, tapi yang paling berpengaruh ke saya (juga mungkin sebagian besar orang di dunia ini, ceileeehhh) adalah serial TV BBC berjudul Sherlock, tapi latarnya jaman modern. Sherlock Holmes di sini diperankan oleh Benedict Cumberbatch. Sekitar dua tahun setelah kemunculan Sherlock, ada juga serial TV tentang Sherlock Holmes berjudul Elementary, dibintangi Jonny Lee Miller sebagai Sherlock Holmes. Sama seperti Sherlock, Elementary berlatar jaman modern, tapi di Amerika, bukan di Inggris. Ya iyalah, yang buat kan Amerika :D

Jadi, inti posting ini apa?
Oh iya, posting ini akan dibagi ke beberapa part (mudah-mudahan cuma 2 ya). Part 1 ini cuma prolog, introducing, opening, atau apalah itu istilahnya, terhadap Sherlock Holmes. Atau lebih tepatnya, kenapa saya bisa sampai tergila-gila dengan Sherlock Holmes. Maunya biar jadi paragraf sebab-akibat gitu, tapi ini aja sudah panjang, jadi saya pisah deh.
Intinya, saya mau bahas, cerita-cerita, dan mengeluarkan pendapat saya terhadap tiga adaptasi Sherlock Holmes yang paling baru/yang saya ikuti/yang saya sudah sebut di atas -- dua film Sherlock Holmes-nya Guy Ritchie, Sherlock-nya BBC, dan Elementary-nya CBS. Tidak, saya tidak membandingkan ketiga adaptasi ini. I love all of them, how can I compare them? Saya cuma mau ngoceh aja tentang mereka. Oke? Oke.

To be continued to Part 2~

Pics were taken from Google.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Movie Marathon: Robert Downey, Jr.

This is my second movie marathon (after Matt Damon's) in which I did innocently and calmly between so many final projects that were attacking me like a tsunami. In fact, this was the longest movie marathon I've ever had because of those projects, not to mention any other tasks that needed attention. Yep, so many distractions compared to when I did Matt Damon movie marathon, because most of the tasks must be done individually. Last semester, the biggest final project was done in group.

But, lucky for you, Mr. Robert Downey, Jr.... Once I started a movie marathon, then the show must go on! (Or the marathon must go on whatsoever.)

Robert John Downey, Jr. is one of my favorite actors of all time. Excuse me for saying that on every movie marathon post, I hope you don't run away after reading that certain sentence :p A little explanation why I should write it like that... I have like 15 all time favorite actors. Or more--I lose count. Because it's so many, I write 'one of''. I have my own reason why I do these movie marathons--to dedicate (?) myself as a huge fan. Yeah, maybe I will have 11 or more movie marathons according to the amount of my favorite actors, why not.

Let's get back to RDJ! I'm sure you guys know who is this handsome man, who doesn't? Raise your hand if you don't. Maybe all this time you live in a cave or stranded in a deserted island or kidnapped by aliens. Yes, he's the Tony Stark or Iron Man. Thanks to Iron Man, all people in the world, including me, knew who he was. But, do you know him before Iron Man? Maybe yes, maybe not. So, allow me to tell you more about our favorite man :)

RDJ's father, Robert Downey, Sr., is an actor and director. RDJ's first film debut was when he was 5 years old in the movie Pound, directed by RDS. If you want to see him in the movie, just search on YouTube, you'll find one. He was also one of the cast members of Saturday Night Live season 11 (1985-1986) but was fired along with most of the cast after the season ended because it received poor ratings. Then he went to play some movies (not gonna mention them here, just find on IMDb), one of them was Chaplin, where he received his first Oscar nomination for Best Actor. Post-Oscar nomination, RDJ's career started to get into troubles because of drug charges. He was arrested multiple times and had to get a drug treatment during late 1990s and early 2000s. The arrests were costing him several movie & TV roles. See? Even the seemingly perfect man like RDJ had troubles in his career. If you like him so much but end up hating him because of this thing... well, you don't deserve to be called 'fan'. RDJ was struggling so hard to leave drugs and marijuana, and now, look at him. He's such a hero.
Well, although those problems seemed to break his career down, it actually didn't. He came back, people, he came back! He won a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor in a mini-series or television film for his performance in Ally McBeal. That's not enough? He got that Tony Stark/Iron Man role which made him so famous until now. He was nominated for another Oscar, this time was Best Supporting Actor for Tropic Thunder. Then he was cast as Sherlock Holmes in Guy Ritchie film. And other great things that I can't mention one by one.
Oh, oh. RDJ is also a singer. He sang for several movie soundtracks and released a music album called The Futurist in 2004. His great songs and amazing voice accompanied me to study hard last year, and yeah, I finally passed the university exam :D
He has 2 sons, Indio (from his marriage to Deborah Falconer) and Exton (from his present wife Susan Downey)--and they are so adorable. Seeing Indio is like seeing the younger version of RDJ.
Okay, that's some story about Robert Downey, Jr. that you might don't know because you don't care :)

So, what makes you decided to do Robert Downey, Jr. movie marathon?
Actually, this is my second RDJ movie marathon. The first one was last year, but the movies I was watching were not that many, and I didn't write about it because it just happened haha. I decided to do RDJ marathon part 2 on his 48th birthday (April 4th 2013), but again, my time was eaten by the tasks. Then, near the end of April, Iron Man 3 came to theaters... So I watched it, then I continued with the other movies, and voila! It became Robert Downey, Jr. marathon :)
If we count the time, this movie marathon took one... two... three... four--exactly four weeks, or a month. It started on April 26th (the day I watched Iron Man 3) and ended on May 26th. The marathon was interrupted by two non-RDJ movies, Hummingbird and Star Trek Into Darkness though :p

Here's the list of his movies, according to the time I watched them:
1. Iron Man 3
2. Iron Man 2
3. A Scanner Darkly
4. Chances Are
5. Johnny Be Good
6. Heart and Souls
7. Chaplin
8. Natural Born Killers
9. Air America
10. Home for the Holidays
11. Black and White
12. In Dreams
13. U.S. Marshals
14. Wonder Boys
15. Good Night, and Good Luck.
16. The Singing Detective
17. Iron Man 3 (yes, I watched it 2 times--and this time I got to watch the post-credit scene, yay! :p)
18. Gothika
19. Charlie Bartlett
20. Love and Distrust
21. A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints
22. Due Date
23. Tropic Thunder
24. The Soloist
25. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
26. Zodiac
27. Iron Man
28. Sherlock Holmes
29. Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows
30. Marvel's The Avengers

After watching all of them, do you have any specific movies that you've been into?
All of them. Hahaha, no kidding. I'll always remember his movies, even the ones that are not so famous. But, for the sake of the readers (like you have even one, Wid -_-), I'll just list the ones that I really like. Okay? Deal? Deal.

The first... I guess you know. Yes, Marvel's The Avengers! One of my favorite movies ever. Six superheroes plus one handsome villain? Priceless, baby, priceless. RDJ reprised his role as Tony Stark/Iron Man. This movie was the end of Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One, so you got Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Captain America, plus Hawkeye and Black Widow here, fighting Loki, Thor's brother. There are so much to talk about, and this is just not enough. Best movie ever... for me :D

The second, of course Iron Man, from the first until the third. The first Iron Man was the first RDJ movie I've seen. Let's just say that if I didn't see this movie, I might didn't know who Robert Downey, Jr. was until his name was all over the internet. I first watched it with my brother, we got the front seats. You know, the seats that were right in front of the screen. Can you imagine how hurt my neck was? Fortunately, the film was much more amazing that I imagined. I didn't even care that I sat on the front seat because RDJ was so amazing to play the rich playboy Tony Stark who was forced to build an armored suit in a life-threatening incident. After that, he used his skill to expand the suit, became Iron Man, and fought against evil.

The third, Sherlock Holmes and its sequel, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. Nothing was better than hearing that RDJ was going to star as my favorite detective, Sherlock Holmes. After seeing the movie that followed the adventure of consulting detective Sherlock Holmes (Downey, Jr.) and his partner Dr. John Watson (Jude Law) to fight a nemesis who used black magic, my love for Sherlock Holmes was getting bigger. Yes, Downey, Jr. is an American, but he could portray the British detective perfectly.

The fourth, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. I can say that this movie is the second RDJ movie I've seen. I first watched it on HBO, saying "Oh, my God! That's Tony Stark acting so clumsy and funny! Hey, bro, it's Tony Stark! He's still handsome without the beard!" Hahaha. RDJ played Harry Lockhart, a thief who was disguised as an actor after escaping from police. His adventure didn't end just like that. A mystery of two seemingly different murder cases brought Harry to teamed up with Gay Perry (Val Kilmer), a private eye, and Harmony Lane (Michelle Monaghan), Harry's childhood friend and struggling actress. This movie is so funny and clever. The dialogs weren't so cheesy. There were some parts that didn't show funniness directly, but I could laugh over it. Not just comedy, you would also wonder about the murder mystery. Plus, the acting of three main actors were just great, especially RDJ's enjoyable performance.

The fifth is Zodiac. Oh, yes, you're right, I love story about serial killers, always do. Even my friends think that I'm kind of a psychopath because of this weird interest. Anyway, you do know Zodiac killer right? This killer was so famous back in 1960s and 1970s, but until now, the crime remains unsolved. This film told the story of a serial killer who call himself Zodiac, who taunted police and newspaper publisher with his letters and cryptic messages. A cartoonist, Robert Graysmith (Jake Gyllenhaal) and a reporter Paul Avery (Downey, Jr.) became friends because they shared Zodiac killer as their interests. There was also Mark Ruffalo as Dave Toschi, a police inspector. Three amazing actors (and other great actors) in one movie about the famous serial killer? How could you miss it? :)

The sixth is A Guide of Recognizing Your Saints. Downey, Jr., Shia LaBeouf, and Channing Tatum in one film? Who can deny that? Hahaha. The movie based on a memoir of Dito Montiel, a musician and director about his childhood in the toughest part of New York. RDJ here played the older Dito Montiel, while LaBeouf played the younger version and Tatum played his childhood friend, Antonio. I wrote a not-so review about this movie here, please click to read more :)

The seventh is Chaplin. Yes, this is the movie about the life of Charlie Chaplin. I think you all know him. The movie, despite being criticized for the way it's describing some aspects of Chaplin's life, RDJ's performance was both critically and universally acclaimed. This led him to get a nomination for Best Actor in Academy Awards. This movie becomes one of my favorites because of RDJ's amazing performance. Watch it if you have enough time, because it's a bit longer than usual movie.

The eight, Tropic Thunder. I love seeing actors who choose various characters, not only ordinary and 'safe' character. I think, in this movie, RDJ was brave enough to take the part. I mean, he had to darken his skin for the character of Kirk Lazarus, a five-time-Oscar-winning actor. Well, in this movie Lazarus was a blonde man with blue eyes, but he had surgery to darken his skin for his portrayal of the black character Sergeant Lincoln Osiris in a movie called Tropic Thunder. There were also Ben Stiller and Jack Black as fellow actors Tugg Speedman and Jeff Portnoy, respectively. Full of action and comedy!

The ninth is Charlie Bartlett. Anton Yelchin and RDJ! Wow, just wow. Charlie Bartlett (Yelchin) was a wealthy teenager who was dumped by several private schools, and ended up in a public school run by an alcoholic principal Nathan Gardner (Downey, Jr.). Charlie teamed up with a school bully to help fellow students about their problems, usually using some prescription drugs that he got from his own psychologists, in order to become popular.

The tenth is Due Date. RDJ played an architect (love it! :D) Peter Highman who had to come home in time to accompany his wife (Michelle Monaghan) who was due to give birth to their first child. But, something came in his way and he had to be in a crazy journey with an actor Ethan Tremblay (Zach Galifianakis). This movie is so funny! I couldn't imagine if I was Peter and was trapped with someone drastically dysfunctional like Ethan when I had to be home immediately. Crazy!

Ah, I want to write about 29 RDJ movies I watched, but the post is too long already. Well, the ones that I don't write above weren't meant to be disliked by me. If I could write them all, I would :)
I am downloading Ally McBeal season 4 where RDJ guest-starred as Larry Paul, the main character's love interest during the season. I was also looking for Saturday Night Live season 11 where he was a cast member, or an SNL episode where he was hosting, but I couldn't find it anywhere in the internet :( I really hoped I could watch them though.
Oh, just FYI, RDJ is still not confirmed whether he will return as Tony Stark/Iron Man for further Marvel movies or not, although several sources said that he is in talk to return to 2 sequels of Marvel's The Avengers. Don't be sad, guys... RDJ is not only Tony Stark. He's a great actor and I'm sure he knows what's best for him. He has another upcoming movies that you don't want to miss :)

I know very little about acting. I'm just an incredibly gifted faker.
-Robert Downey, Jr.

See you in the next movie marathon post! (Candidates: Jeremy Renner, Tom Cruise, Shia LaBeouf, Anton Yelchin -- which one should I choose?)

Pics were taken from Google, then were made into a collage by me.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Arsitek Film

Salah satu dosen saya (sekarang sudah almarhum) tidak suka dengan istilah macam yang saya gunakan pada judul posting ini. Beliau tidak setuju dengan istilah-istilah demikian, contoh lainnya adalah arsitek sepak bola--yang berarti pelatih atau manajer suatu klub--karena menurut beliau, arsitek adalah arsitek, seseorang yang merancang atau mendesain sebuah bangunan, seseorang yang bekerja di bidang arsitektur.

Tapi, saya mau agak-agak bandel sedikit di posting ini dengan beberapa pertimbangan:
1. Saya mahasiswa jurusan arsitektur yang sangat tergila-gila dengan film,
2. Saya lagi capek ngerjain tugas besar,
3. Seperti kebanyakan posting di blog saya, posting yang ini pun akan berakhir gaje.

Cukup dengan pembukaan yang menggunakan bahasa baku (pegel loh nulisnya -_-), sekarang kita ber-4L4y ria! Hohoho kidding. Serius, saya bercanda.

Kenapa ya judul posting ini kok agak-agak aneh bin nggak nyambung bin nggak koheren bin Widya banget? Sebenarnya, sebelum nulis posting ini, saya sempet search di Google tentang 'arsitek film', tapi yang keluar malah film-film tentang arsitek. Jadi ceritanya tuh saya mau ikutin istilah 'arsitek sepak bola' gitu, tapi berhubung yang akan saya bahas adalah FILM, ya saya ganti jadi 'arsitek film'. Nah, sekarang jelas kan kenapa yang saya jelasin di pembukaan tadi adalah 'arsitek sepak bola'? Yap, karena saya tahunya cuma itu...

Oke, back to the topic!
Lho, topiknya apa? Yang jelas bukan topik hidayat atau topiku bundar ya! (Itu mah topi saya bundar, Wid--ah, mulai terserang penyakit gaje nih! Jangan kabur dulu ya sebelum selesai membaca posting ini pemirsaaaah!). Topiknya....... ya itu tadi: ARSITEK FILM, atau kalau menurut ke-soktahu-an saya, ini istilah untuk SUTRADARA atau kerennya DIRECTOR.

Alat perang arsitek dan sutradara

Bagi yang sudah kenal lama sama saya, pasti tahulah cita-cita saya yang sebenarnya adalah berkecimpung di dunia perfilman, entah itu sutradara atau sekadar kru yang kerjanya megang-megang kabel doang. Beberapa teman SMA saya menganjurkan saya untuk melanjutkan ke sekolah film, which was quite impossible because universitas negeri di Indonesia nggak ada yang buka jurusan perfilman. Dulu saya pengen banget masuk universitas negeri untuk meringankan beban orang tua, tapi jurusan yang saya inginkan nggak ada di universitas negeri. Kebayang betapa galaunya saya saat itu? Nggak usah dibayangin, ternyata saya nggak galau-galau banget kok.

Sebelum lanjut, flashback dikit ya. Dulu orang tua saya pengen banget anak sulungnya ini jadi dokter pertama di keluarga karena dari keluarga Mama atau Papa belum ada yang jadi dokter. Saya sih mau-mau aja, dokter bo'! Tapi, kendala paling besar adalah: saya malas. Kendala paling besar kedua: saya nggak suka a.k.a benci dunia akhirat (?) sama biologi. Kendala paling besar ketiga: saya malas (ya, dua dari tiga kendala besar yang bakal jadi pembatas antara saya dan Fakultas Kedokteran adalah MALAS). Jadi, I'm sorry goodbye deh ke FK.

Setelah itu, orang tua saya menyerahkan sepenuhnya masa depan saya kepada saya sendiri. Mereka hanya berperan dalam menunjang, sedangkan saya berperan penuh dalam proses menuju kesuksesan. Akhirnya saya bilang deh tuh ke Mama kalau saya pengen banget jadi filmmaker atau sutradara kayak Steven Spielberg dan Hanung Bramantyo. Beliau setuju-setuju aja, apalagi setelah saya bilang saya mau masuk salah satu universitas di Jakarta yang ada jurusan perfilmannya. Restu sudah didapat, terus apa lagi?

Jengjeng, ternyata universitas yang tadinya saya pilih itu bukan universitas negeri.

Waktu itu, pilihan saya adalah universitas negeri atau jurusan. Kalau mau universitas negeri, yo wes, I should give up about my dream. Kalau lebih pilih jurusannya, saya bisa langsung dapet penghargaan anak paling egois karena nggak mikirin kondisi orang tua saat itu. Gubrak. Sebesar apapun keinginan saya buat masuk sekolah film, itu nggak bisa mengalahkan keinginan saya untuk membahagiakan Mama-Papa.

So, here I am, an architecture student in one of the best state universities in Indonesia :')

Kok jauh amat banting setirnya dari film ke arsitektur? Nanti deh dijelasin, cukup tentang saya, sekarang masuk ke topik utamanya. ("Lho, jadi dari tadi yang dibahas bukan topik utama?! Buset dah ini orang banyak omong banget!" - Jarvis, 4 tahun, laptop saya yang songong)

Arsitek film. Saya menggunakan istilah itu untuk menjelaskan tentang sutradara karena saya adalah mahasiswa arsitektur. Memang nggak nyambung, tapi ya udahlah, saya kan emang demen banget ngomong ngalor ngidul nggak jelas. Arsitek dan arsitek film mempunyai beberapa kesamaan. Pertama, mereka sama-sama manusia. Pernah nggak liat kucing jadi arsitek atau gajah jadi sutradara? Enggak kan? Ya udah.

Ini arsitek (nyomot gambar dari Mbah Gugel)

Ini arsitek film a.k.a sutradara (maap yak Daddy Ben potonya tak pake, abis kan udah punya, biar nggak nyari di Mbah Gugel lagi -_- nice pose by the way :p)

Kedua, mereka sama-sama mengepalai atau mengetuai sebuah proyek. Dalam membangun sebuah rumah, leader-nya tak lain dan tak bukan adalah arsitek. Begitu juga dalam membuat sebuah film, pasti yang jadi boss-nya adalah sutradara. Mau desainnya rumit atau biasa aja, terserah arsiteknya. Mau aktornya akting nangis, marah, atau jadi orang gila, sutradara yang mengarahkan.

Dalam membangun rumah, arsitek nggak bekerja sendiri. Ada insinyur, tukang bangunan, dan lain-lain yang membantu. Sutradara juga gitu. Anggaplah si screenwriter (penulis skenario) sama seperti kliennya seorang arsitek. Sutradara mendapat naskah, ia tinggal mengarahkan sesuai naskah tersebut. Tapi, peran sutradara bukan hanya sekadar mengikuti naskah, dia juga berhak untuk mengeluarkan pendapatnya sendiri. Makanya ikatan antara sutradara, writer, dan produser harus kuat. Kalau naskahnya bagus tetapi sutradaranya nggak berpengalaman, hancurlah film itu.

Kalau sutradara butuh aktor dan aktris untuk memperkuat filmnya, maka arsitek butuh material yang bagus. Coba bayangin kalau yang meranin Iron Man bukan Robert Downey Jr atau Daniel Radcliffe waktu itu nggak kepilih buat jadi Harry Potter. Gubrak moment banget kan? Sama kayak di arsitektur. Kalau Monas dibuat dari kayu? Gubrak moment part 2.

Banyak bangetlah kesamaan antara arsitek dan sutradara. Sekali lagi, saya menulis ini bukan semata-mata untuk membandingkan dua pekerjaan impian itu. Saya cuma ingin nyambung-nyambungin aja karena saya suka dengan arsitektur dan film. Saya memang masih duduk di semester 2 jurusan arsitektur dan pengetahuan saya tentang arsitek maupun arsitektur masih seupritpritprit. Saya akui saya suka menggambar, tapi saya nggak jago. Nah... 'suka' bukan berarti 'bisa' loh ya :)) Mana yang lebih penting: suka atau bisa? Kamu nggak mungkin bisa kalau kamu nggak suka. Kamu nggak mungkin suka kalau kamu nggak bisa. Ah, capek. Intinya, dua hal itu sama-sama penting.
Lanjut. Saya memang bukan mahasiswa jurusan perfilman atau kritikus film, tapi saya cintaaaahhhh dengan film sejak dulu. Mau film itu bagus atau jelek, pasti saya tonton. Saya nonton film sesuka hati, genre yang dipilih sesuai mood, dan seringnya saya nonton film berdasarkan aktornya, bukan review. Saya lebih hapal nama-nama aktor, aktris, atau sutradara ketimbang nama-nama arsitek -_- *gubrak moment part 3*

Oke, kawan, terima kasih sudah membuang-buang meluangkan waktu untuk membaca posting aneh bin nggak jelas ini :) Maaf ya kalau posting ini pointless dan nggak ada hikmah yang bisa diambil. Sejak kapan ya posting di blog ini ada hikmahnya? Nah, itulah bedanya blog saya sama acaranya Mama Dedeh.

Pesan buat adik-adik yang sedang berjuang untuk masuk universitas negeri: semangat.
Lho, kok loyo banget, Kak? Lagi males pake capslock soalnya ck. Oh iya satu lagi, jangan ikut-ikutan trend masa kini yang apa-apa galau, nggak keren, nggak lucu, dan nggak penting juga.
Misalnya nih, lagi nentuin mau masuk jurusan apa: "Aduh, galau!"
Lagi nentuin mau belajar atau enggak: "Aduh, galau!"
Lagi nentuin mau belajar matematika atau fisika dulu: "Aduh, galau!"
Lagi makan: "Aduh, galau!"
Lagi tidur: "Aduh *ngorok* galau..."
Apapun pilihan kalian, pasti ada hikmahnya kok, nggak kayak posting saya yang ini. Memang sih, harus hati-hati juga pilih jurusan, kalau enggak ya pasti bakal ngalamin gubrak moment. Pokoknya, tetap semangat lah ya!!!

PS: saya lagi sibuk ngerjain tugas-tugas besar yang datang kayak tsunami, sekaligus lagi Robert Downey Jr movie marathon dooonggg! Tunggu pembahasan movie marathon-nya ya! :D

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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Kind of a Short Hello

Just want to say hello because apparently my blog is dusty and full of spider webs. Sorry, GITG, I'm too busy to update you. Deadline is always coming for these deadly tasks ;_;

Until next time. (yep, I don't know when would it be)

Let's do the Running Man's Easy Brothers toast:
Feel! Touch! CROSS! *dziiing*

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Currently Addicted to: Running Man

Sebenarnya post ini udah jadi draft dari kapan tau, tapi baru bisa ter-publish sekarang.

Okay guys. If you really, personally know me, you know that I'm not really interested in Korean thingy. I did watch some K-dramas, but blah, it was just passing by.
Tapi sekarang, jengjeng, saya sedang tergila-gila sama variety show Korea yang satu ini. Awalnya Damar yang mengenalkannya pada saya (Juli 2012). Episode yang paling pertama saya tonton adalah episode 96, di mana Park Ji Sung (waktu itu masih di Manchester United) jadi bintang tamunya. Damar suruh saya nonton yang ini karena dia tahu saya suka MU (aww Dam :'D). Dan emang bener, ngakak pol nonton ini!
Tapi yang memberi saya 109 episode Running Man adalah Titi, teman kuliah saya. Jadi, thanks to both of you guys, I found a new addiction! :D

Running Man adalah variety show Korea di mana para member dan bintang tamunya harus menjalankan beberapa misi untuk memenangkan perlombaan. Pada episode-episode awal, mereka dikunci di dalam suatu tempat/landmark dan melakukan misi di dalamnya (favorit saya adalah kejar-kejaran di antara tim yang berbuah pencabutan nametag!). Tetapi format game berubah beberapa kali, jadi episode-episode sekarang ini (terhitung dari episode 48) tidak memerlukan landmark tetap. Dari awal mereka dibagi beberapa tim yang harus mengikuti balapan panjang (seperti Amazing Race gitu lah) dan melakukan beberapa misi di tengah-tengah balapan.

Untuk saat ini, Running Man mempunyai 7 member yang kocak dan gila. Siapa aja? Cekidot:

Yoo Jae Suk (유재석) -- MC utama Running Man yang dikenal dengan nickname seperti Grasshopper, Yooruce Willis, dan Yoo Hyuk. Jae Suk jago banget dalam hal kabur-kaburan. Siapapun yang mengejarnya pasti kelelahan. Karena sudah wara-wiri di dunia variety, Jae Suk sering kali pamer kedekatan dengan para bintang tamu. Di antara member Running Man, Jae Suk lah yang paling popular.

Ji Suk Jin (지석진) -- Dikenal dengan nickname Big Nose Hyung dan Impala, Suk Jin merupakan salah satu member terlemah di Running Man. Karena sering tereliminasi duluan, member lain suka menyebutnya sebagai "race starter", menunjukkan bahwa race yang sebenarnya resmi dimulai setelah dia tereliminasi. Walaupun begitu, dia tetap bangga dan sering menunjukkan kasih sayangnya pada istri dan anaknya.

Kim Jong Kook (김종국)-- The strongest Running Man member! Nickname-nya adalah Commander, Sparta-Kooks, Tiger, Coach Kook, dan kalau sedang berakting imut (ini membuat member lain kesal sekaligus ngeri) ia suka memanggil dirinya Kookie. Jong Kook juga memiliki insting detektif yang kuat, membuatnya hampir bisa dipastikan menang karena kekuatan dan instingnya itu. Tapi sayangnya, Jong Kook lemah kalau berhadapan dengan cewek.

Gary (개리) -- Rapper dari group Leessang, Gary yang mempunyai nickname Peaceful Gary, Monday Boyfriend, dan Straight-Going Gary ini masih baru di dunia variety. Gary sempat terlibat loveline dengan member Song Ji Hyo, membuat mereka dipanggil "Monday Couple". Gary dikenal sebagai dark horse di Running Man.

HaHa (하하) -- Karena penampilan fisiknya yang mirip dengan Pororo the Little Penguin, HaHa diberi nickname Haroro. Selain itu dia juga sering dipanggil playboy karena sering menggoda bintang tamu, tapi hal ini terhenti karena dia menikah, dan sejak saat itu ia sering dipanggil married man. HaHa sering diejek karena tingginya.

Lee Kwang Soo (이광수) -- Member paling lemah sekaligus paling tinggi di Running Man. Kwang Soo dikenal suka menciptakan cerita-cerita aneh tentang member lain (terutama Ji Hyo) yang membuatnya diberi nickname Framer. Nickname lainnya adalah Giraffe, Kwang-vatar, Kwang-Potter, dan yang paling khas adalah Icon of Betrayal karena seringnya ia mengkhianati member lain. Ia juga dikenal sebagai Prince of Asia karena ketika Running Man pergi ke negara-negara Asia lain, Kwang Soo lah yang paling popular.

Song Ji Hyo (송지효) -- Satu-satunya member cewek di Running Man. Sebelumnya Ji Hyo adalah bintang tamu, tapi naik pangkat jadi member. Ji Hyo dikenal dengan nickname Song Ji Yok (Kwang Soo yang memberinya nickname ini karena keseringannya mengumpat), Blank Ji-Hyo (wajahnya yang suka tiba-tiba blank), Ace (dengan kecepatannya, dia menjadi salah satu member terkuat di Running Man), Miss Blank, Monday Girlfriend (Gary as the Monday Boyfriend), dan Bad Ji Hyo (muncul kalau dia sedang marah kepada member lain).

Dan jangan lupakan dua ex-member kece-kece ini:

Song Joong Ki (송중기) -- merupakan salah satu member original Running Man yang harus keluar (hiks) karena jadwal syutingnya. Sering dipanggil Flower Boy dan Brain Joong Ki karena dia ini member paling ganteng (dan paling pinter!) loh, yang ngantuk pasti langsung melek lihat dia :P

Lizzy -- seperti Ji Hyo, Lizzy adalah bintang tamu yang 'naik pangkat' jadi member, tapi hanya bertahan untuk beberapa episode saja karena kesibukan jadwal (Lizzy adalah member After School). Ternyata, Lizzy adalah long-term guest (bintang tamu untuk jangka waktu yang lama) dan dia boleh kembali ke Running Man kapan saja.

 Back (L-R): Lee Kwang Soo, Yoo Jae Suk, Song Joong Ki, Ji Suk Jin, Kim Jong Kook
Front (L-R): Song Ji Hyo, Gary, Lizzy, HaHa

Back (L-R): Lee Kwang Soo, Ji Suk Jin, Kim Jong Kook, HaHa, Gary
Front (L-R): Yoo Jae Suk, Song Ji Hyo

Member favorit saya?
Sejak pertama kali nonton Running Man, saya sudah menaruh hati (ceileh) pada Lee Kwang Soo alias si Icon of Betrayal. Waktu itu dia satu tim sama Park Ji Sung dan tingkahnya emang kocak banget. Akhirnya saya memutuskan untuk nonton berurutan dari episode 1, dan Kwang Soo, he is indeed funny and handsome and awkward! Hahaha. Walaupun masih ada Joong Ki, tapi tetep aja hatiku buat Kwang Soo haha.
Oh, dan saya juga suka sama Commander Kim Jong Kook. Look at those muscles! I really want to touch it hihihi. Selain itu Kwang Soo dan Jong Kook punya relationship yang unik karena mereka dipanggil Giraffe dan Tiger.

Lee Kwang Soo
Kim Jong Kook
Setiap episode Running Man memiliki misi yang berbeda-beda, tapi tetap seru dan kocak untuk diikuti. Ayo kita rame-rame kasih applause dan standing ovation buat tim kreatif dibalik Running Man ini. Selain para member dan bintang tamu, yang bikin kocak Running Man itu adalah kru dan staffnya, seperti PD (mungkin singkatan dari Production Director/Producer?) juga VJ (kameramen) yang menyorot aksi para member. Ada juga staff yang paling sering nongol di Running Man, yaitu Dong Wan, yang merupakan FD (still don't know what this means) termuda di Running Man. Dia sering banget didandanin macam-macam, kocak banget deh.
Kalau ngomongin Running Man memang nggak ada habisnya. Mending kalian nonton aja ya biar tau lebih banyak tentang variety show ini.

Running Man is very fun and entertaining show. Just by watching it, you'll feel like you want to join them doing those crazy missions! I'm recommending this show to everyone of all ages, especially who easily get stressed hahaha :D

Don't walk but RUN!

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