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Thursday, October 31, 2013

#horrorshortstory (Episode 3 - Halloween Edition)

Nope, I'm not celebrating Halloween. There's no such thing in my country. But, I'm always excited about this because I'm a horror fan.

It's been a LONG time (2 years!) since I posted the latest #horrorshortstory. Why uses hashtag? I don't know, maybe because those posts first came from my tweets, then I turned them into blog posts. This time, I didn't tweet about #horrorshortstory on my Twitter. Funny story actually. Today -- Thursday, October 31 2013, is Halloween day. And tomorrow is Friday, also known as "Studio Day" for us the 3rd semester Architecture students. So, I write this episode of #horrorshortstory directly to this blog because I have so many drawing tasks to done.
Funny... or horror?

Anyway, let's enjoy this.

  • *knock knock* "Trick or treat!" | *opens door* "Go away or your head is gonna be my next Jack-o'-lantern."
  • "Mom, look at that balloon! It looks like Daddy's head!" | And so the Mom finally knows why her husband didn't come home last night.
  • *at a Halloween party* "I saw a beautiful chick dressed as a ghost lady whose body was bloody and perforated this big!" | "You realize that our school's Halloween theme this year is superheroes right?"
  • "Who's that guy dressing as Wolverine?" | "It's not Wolverine, it's Freddy Krueger. And it's Freddy himself. And he's coming our way... RUN!!!"
  • *fixing the car machine* "Ah, this is depressing. Dude, give me a hand." | That dude does what he's told. Meanwhile, on the other side of the road, a guy is screaming. He loses a hand.
  • *in the car* "Whoa, that's a creepy laugh. May I change the radio station?" | "Uh... The radio is broken for months..."
  • *a car hits something, the driver gets out* "Oh, God, what did I hit?" | "I think you just found my head, Sir, thank you."
  • "Daddy, look! It's a cool motorcycle!" | "Honey, we're driving on a highway..."
  • The amount of the sculptures in that old man's house increase as more missing person's fliers are distributed to the whole town.
  • Going to a Halloween party alone. Everyone keeps admiring my wig, as no one dares to wear Sadako's costume. Wait. I'm pretty sure I dress as a witch.

It's too short, I know. And maybe it's not scary. I'm sorry, but I have to get back to my tasks and the movie Thor that I'm watching right now :p

Have a freaky Halloween, people! Watch out for Michael Myers.

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