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Thursday, October 31, 2013

#horrorshortstory (Episode 3 - Halloween Edition)

Nope, I'm not celebrating Halloween. There's no such thing in my country. But, I'm always excited about this because I'm a horror fan.

It's been a LONG time (2 years!) since I posted the latest #horrorshortstory. Why uses hashtag? I don't know, maybe because those posts first came from my tweets, then I turned them into blog posts. This time, I didn't tweet about #horrorshortstory on my Twitter. Funny story actually. Today -- Thursday, October 31 2013, is Halloween day. And tomorrow is Friday, also known as "Studio Day" for us the 3rd semester Architecture students. So, I write this episode of #horrorshortstory directly to this blog because I have so many drawing tasks to done.
Funny... or horror?

Anyway, let's enjoy this.

  • *knock knock* "Trick or treat!" | *opens door* "Go away or your head is gonna be my next Jack-o'-lantern."
  • "Mom, look at that balloon! It looks like Daddy's head!" | And so the Mom finally knows why her husband didn't come home last night.
  • *at a Halloween party* "I saw a beautiful chick dressed as a ghost lady whose body was bloody and perforated this big!" | "You realize that our school's Halloween theme this year is superheroes right?"
  • "Who's that guy dressing as Wolverine?" | "It's not Wolverine, it's Freddy Krueger. And it's Freddy himself. And he's coming our way... RUN!!!"
  • *fixing the car machine* "Ah, this is depressing. Dude, give me a hand." | That dude does what he's told. Meanwhile, on the other side of the road, a guy is screaming. He loses a hand.
  • *in the car* "Whoa, that's a creepy laugh. May I change the radio station?" | "Uh... The radio is broken for months..."
  • *a car hits something, the driver gets out* "Oh, God, what did I hit?" | "I think you just found my head, Sir, thank you."
  • "Daddy, look! It's a cool motorcycle!" | "Honey, we're driving on a highway..."
  • The amount of the sculptures in that old man's house increase as more missing person's fliers are distributed to the whole town.
  • Going to a Halloween party alone. Everyone keeps admiring my wig, as no one dares to wear Sadako's costume. Wait. I'm pretty sure I dress as a witch.

It's too short, I know. And maybe it's not scary. I'm sorry, but I have to get back to my tasks and the movie Thor that I'm watching right now :p

Have a freaky Halloween, people! Watch out for Michael Myers.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Midnight Random Thoughts #1

It's not exactly midnight though, but let's call it so because it makes a catchy title (really? Who are you--the readers?). This might be a continuous post because you know, I am so random. It's like my Can't Sleep posts--which I haven't posted about it again since 2 years ago--but, yeah, let's see.

This is the very first edition of my Midnight Random Thoughts:

  • Are they ever gonna make the fifth Bourne movie? They said they would, but then they wouldn't. Matt Damon said he was interested, but then he said he didn't know where the movie was going. DAMN IT PEOPLE JUST GIVE US--ME--A CLEAR STATEMENT!
  • I just drank an expired coffee and I hope my stomach is okay.
  • Seth Meyers has the sweetest smile among the Saturday Night Live cast members.
  • Jonas Brothers (finally) call it quit. I think I'm the only fan who is still calm because when the rumor started to spread, I thought that it was only their strategy to surprise their fans with their new album. This used to be my prediction: they deleted their Twitter account, fans were sad, and suddenly they came back again with brand new album, still together, not breaking up, and live in peace. Huh. Apparently my prediction is a big miss.
  • The average age of my top 12 favorite actors is 40. This doesn't mean I like old men... right?
  • Edward Norton has to host Saturday Night Live again.
  • I don't think Kerry Washington can top Norton's SNL episode. It's the best of the season so far.
  • Can I just skip this week, and the next week, and the next week, aaaannndddd all of these freaking weeks so I can go back to Bogor faster?

That's it. Told ya it's random.

See you again, randomers.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Elementary, My Dear Sherlock Holmes(es) - Part 2

Continuing from the previous post, I will still talk about Sherlock Holmes. But this time is more specific -- I'm gonna talk about these recent Sherlock Holmes adaptations:
1. Sherlock Holmes and Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, films directed by Guy Ritchie
2. Sherlock, aired by BBC
3. Elementary, aired by CBS

Seperti yang sudah saya jelaskan sebelumnya, saya nggak bermaksud untuk membandingkan adaptasi-adaptasi ini satu sama lain. Saya di sini hanya sebatas mengoceh dan mengeluarkan pendapat, juga sekalian fangirling hehe. Saya suka semua adaptasi Sherlock Holmes, mulai dari jamannya Jeremy Brett di serial Sherlock Holmes (1984-1994), Nicholas Rowe di Young Sherlock Holmes (1985), sampai sekarang yang paling baru adalah Jonny Lee Miller di Elementary (2012, ongoing). Ada yang lebih baru lagi, yaitu serial Sherlock Holmes versi Rusia (diperankan Igor Petrenko), tapi belum tayang, mungkin sekitar musim gugur tahun ini.

Yuk ah, langsung aja kita bahas :D

PERHATIAN! Bagi kalian yang belum pernah menonton salah satu dari tiga adaptasi Sherlock Holmes yang sudah disebutkan di atas dan ada keinginan untuk menontonnya nanti, saya sarankan jangan baca posting ini. SPOILER ALERT! (Kecuali kalau kalian suka spoiler...)

WARNING! For those who haven't seen one of three Sherlock Holmes adaptations that I mentioned above and planning to watch them later, I suggest you to leave this post. SPOILER ALERT! (Except if you love spoiler...)

Beuh. Gaya banget pakai bilingual.

Okay. Ready, set, go!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Wake Me Up When September Starts Again Next Year

Goodbye, my favorite month and obviously the miraculous month of the year, September!

Hey, y'all, how you doin'? I'm a sophomore in university now! Apaaaahhh?! Kenapah cepet banget qaqa?! Perasaan baru kemarin masuk kuliah dan nulis posting ini? Yeah, time flies so fast :')
So, the last post was about 3 months ago. It means when I was coming back home and enjoyed my quite long holiday, I never thought of blogging. I really really used my time to be with my family, watch Korean dramas with my Mom, and do The Big Bang Theory marathon. It was soooo fun! Then I remembered, I promised you the 2nd part of my Sherlock Holmes chattering. I'm so sorry, I totally forgot about it :(

But before I post it, I want to talk about something else: what a great September we (well, I) have this year!

Okay, first, happy belated birthday to me!
I turned 19 years old a month ago, or on September 4th. Don't worry, I still accept belated birthday wishes and the birthday gifts of course! (what are you--nine? -_-)
September, selain menjadi bulan penting bagi saya, juga menjadi bulan menyebalkan. Kenapa? Karena kami para mahasiswa-mahasiswi, khususnya yang merantau nun jauh di sana, mesti balik kuliah dan meninggalkan ru-mah, ke-lu-ar-ga, dan tentu saja, li-bu-ran. Jadi, liburan 2 setengah bulan yang cuma kerasa kayak 2 setengah hari itu benar-benar saya pakai bersama keluarga.

So, what happened when you're on holiday?
Typical holiday, nothing special. In fact, I didn't go anywhere but home. But it was the true meaning of holiday for me, who goes to college far away from home. Saya memang anak rumahan banget! Tapi saya juga bakal girang dan hepi kalau ada yang ngajak saya jalan-jalan.

Tapiiiii... yang spesial justru datangnya waktu hari ulang tahun saya yang ke 19. Tua banget ya, udah 19 tahun lagi. Waktu mulai blogging, saya baru 14 tahunan deh ._.
Jadi, tanggal 4 September 2013, orang tua saya lagi sibuk-sibuknya kerja. Saya paham itu, dan saya nggak nuntut macam-macam dari mereka. Jadi saya di rumah sama adek-adek saya (yeah, being a nanny!) cuma bertiga. Tepat jam 12 malam tanggal 4, lagi asyik-asyik bobo dan mimpi indah, orang tua saya nelpon ngucapin selamat ultah beserta rentetan doa yang saya denger cuma setengah-setengah karena nyawa saya belum ngumpul sepenuhnya. Anak macam apa itu udah didoain baik-baik tapi nggak denger?! Well, tenang aja, begitu mereka pulang, mereka ngomong langsung sama saya kok :) Thank you Mom, Pops, I love youuu! :*

Pagi-paginya, adek-adek saya masuk kamar saya dan lagi-lagi tidur saya diinterupsi, kali ini oleh nyanyian happy birthday fals mereka :') Mom, Pops, and brothers... they don't need to give me birthday presents. All those wishes and prayers will be the best present ever from them :') But, it's an exception if you're a friend of mine :p (kabooorrrr)

Siangnya, my besties Diba, Damar, dan Ega (thank you Ega for accompanying me doing a pre-birthday movie marathon a day before!) datang ke rumah dengan niat mau ngopy film. Terus, mereka mau nyiapin surprise bolu sangkuriang plus lilin ultah, tapi ketahuan duluan sama saya hahaha. Anyway, I still blew the candles. Thank you guys, you're the best :')

Diba, me, Damar, and Ega. Love you guys :*

Tadi itu orang-orang yang ngucapin selamat secara langsung. Ada juga yang lewat twitter, facebook, dan telepon. Thank you so much, guys!

Oh iyaaa... What made it more special was... (I think you're already guessing it) I got some birthday wishes from some celebrities. Basically, the first one who wished me a happy birthday was Christopher Gorham :D Then I got wish from Dane DeHaan, Drew Seeley, and again, Gabriel Mann favorited my tweet. And Mark Ruffalo wished me too, but 17 days later :p Thank you guuyyyssss, walaupun cuma dua kata aja, saya seneng banget loh!

BUT... It wasn't just them who wished me happy birthday. It. Wasn't. Just. Them.

Jason. Freaking. Mraz.
JASON MRAZ, guys, my favorite singer-musician eveerrrrr :'D

Adek saya aja sampe bilang "Gila Kak Iya hoki banget, dia kan jarang balas mention!"
I know, Dek, I know. That's why I was freaking happy. Saya nggak nge-spam. Beneran deh. Itu pas tengah malam, plis, ngapain juga saya nge-spam-in twitter orang, idola saya lagi. Saya lihat dia update status twitter, ya saya iseng ngetweet ke dia "it would be the best birthday ever if you tweet me. Just sayin' :)". Nah, saya tambahin just sayin' lagi, karena saya emang nggak mengharapkan balasan dari dia (dia jarang banget kali balas mention orang). Tapi, BAM! Satu jam kemudian dia balas tweet saya, dan saya sadar pas besok paginya :') I couldn't even scream because I was too happy.
First, he mention my name in his live chat 3 years ago. Then, he wished me a happy birthday. Miracle indeed happens, guys, just wait for it :'D

Dear the 16-years-old me, IT HAPPENS. Sincerely, 19-years-old you.

And not just that. I happened to join a Rush movie Q&A with Ron Howard and Chris Hemsworth on Facebook--and Chris replied to my question! September is really a month for fangirling :')

Now, that's it from me, guys.
Please wake me up when September starts again next year, and we'll see what other miracles are waiting :)