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Novels & Short Stories

This is the list of the stories and novels I've written and published online, either in this blog or in other platform like Wattpad. Feel free to check out and share your thoughts!

Short Stories

Everything Is Not What It Seems


Episode 1 - Blackout Edition
Episode 2 - Hospital Edition
Episode 3 - Halloween Edition

Self-made Comic

Will & Harry: Modern Corpses


(Mystery, Thriller / 2014)

The death of her father forces Callie to live with her estranged uncle--the strict, ambitious, and authoritative Luke Mercer. It never crosses her mind that living with him will make her life surrounded by hot and cold situations--not only come from Uncle Luke, but also from his trusted assistant, Grant Olivier.

And it all becomes worse when Uncle Luke's girlfriend and rival businessman are found dead in the woods near their house just days apart, and he is accused of killing them.

At first, Callie thinks it is just a misunderstanding. But when she discovers a secret about her uncle, she starts to wonder: am I safe here?

(Mystery, Thriller, Teen Fiction / 2015 - ongoing)

A crime-mystery-obsessed Rhett Carver only wants two things in his life: first, to be taken seriously as a young detective, and second, to get rid of his never-ending bad luck that always gets in the way of reaching the first thing. Those goals bring him to cross fate with an irritating genius girl, Avery, through an unfortunate event that forces them to work together—not once, not twice, but every possible case that happens around them.

As the unlikely duo trying to make the partnership works, Rhett realizes that the biggest mystery he can ever encounter isn’t lurking out there. It’s right in front of him, in the form of Avery Kane.

Now, Rhett wants another thing: to figure out what is actually happening with her, even if it means putting both of them in greater danger than they already were.

Copyright © 2008-2016 by Widya Nurul

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