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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Movie Marathon: David Tennant

Finally, I'm having another movie marathon! The last one was Luke Evans, and it was over a year ago. I'm so glad I could finally sit in front of my laptop for a long time again. This time, the actor that made me do so was... *drumroll* David Tennant!

David John McDonald, or professionally known as David Tennant is one of my favorite actors. You probably know him from the series Doctor Who where he played the Tenth Doctor, or in a more universally known Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire as Barty Crouch, Jr. Yeah, the last one would do, because even though Doctor Who is a very famous series, not many people outside UK know it. As an example, there is only one friend of mine who has watched the series and eventually become its big fan. That, my friend, is who you call best buddy! Life is hard when people around you don't know about your favorite thing, isn't it?

Anyway, let's get back to Mr. Tennant. Since he was a kid, he always wanted to become an actor because of Doctor Who, the series which he was a huge fan of. Look at him now, he's living the dream(s) -- he became an actor and played The Doctor! He's not only a great actor who has played many different roles in his career, but he's also a voice actor. Once you hear him speaking, you will know that it's David Tennant--with his unique voice and Scottish accent. With that, he frequently does some radio works and audiobooks. He is also a stage actor, having performed with Royal Shakespeare Company. His most notable theater works are Hamlet, Much Ado About Nothing, and the most recent is Richard II. In early 2015, he was awarded National Television Award's Special Recognition. He's the man of many talents -- and you can't just resist that smile!

So, what makes you decided to do David Tennant movie marathon?
Kilgrave! Um, I mean, Jessica Jones. I can't lie, I think his Kilgrave is the best Marvel villain to-date (well, might be tied with Daredevil's Wilson Fisk/Kingpin). David played him really well and it made me wonder if there was someone out there like Kilgrave. I've also been following David's works for a while, but when I watched Jessica Jones, I was like "I think I should watch more of them."

Okay, so, here's the list of his movies (and TV series, and stage play), according to the time I watched them:
1. Jessica Jones (TV series) 
2. The Decoy Bride
3. Spies of Warsaw (mini-series) 
4. Learners
5. St. Trinian's II: The Legend of Fritton's Gold
6. Einstein and Eddington
7. United
8. Casanova (mini-series) 
9. Much Ado About Nothing (stage play) 
10. Recovery
11. The Pirates! Band of Misfits
12. The Escape Artist (mini-series) 
13. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
14. Blackpool (mini-series) 
15. How to Train Your Dragon
16. Hamlet
17. The Politician's Husband (mini-series) 
18. Nativity 2: Danger in the Manger!
19. Fright Night
20. Single Father (mini-series) 
21. Secret Smile
22. What We Did on Our Holiday

And these are the series I've watched before the marathon:
1. Doctor Who (re-watching it as of now)
2. Broadchurch (just finished the second season)
3. Gracepoint

After watching all of them, do you have any specific movies that you've been into?
Of course. Not only movies, but also the series. And for this post only, I will include the TV series in the list. Should've changed the title to 'Movie and Series Marathon: David Tennant' though haha.

The first, and probably everyone's top of the list, is definitely the long-running series Doctor Who. David played The Doctor (more specifically, the Tenth Doctor), an alien time-traveler--also known as Time Lord--from planet Gallifrey. Together with his companions, they traveled through time and space in his telephone-box-like time machine, TARDIS. Their adventure didn't stop there, as they always encountered evils and they had to battle them. David rose to fame with this role, and his performance is considered the best among the twelve actors who have played The Doctor. He got several awards for it, including National Television Awards for Outstanding Drama Performance.

Second is, please don't get bored, Jessica Jones. David had played villains before, but not as terrible, scary, and convincing as Kilgrave, the mysterious man with mind-controlling ability who had a past with the titular character, Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter). I really want to go on, but I already explained about this series here, and even if I want to talk about Kilgrave only, one post won't be enough :))

Third is Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, a.k.a the very first David Tennant movie I've ever watched. Hogwarts hosted The Triwizard Tournament, a dangerous tournament where the underaged Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) was mysteriously selected as one of the competitors. I was in 6th grade that time, and I was too in love Daniel Radcliffe to pay attention to the guy who played Barty Crouch, Jr., whose appearance was not that long. But I did realize that that guy was good looking. But well, I was only 11 that time, and I thought Daniel was the most good looking guy in the movie. As I've grown up and known more about movies, I've found villains are more compelling than the heroes themselves, so when I watched this movie again, I was intrigued. David did a good job--and that tongue flicks, though!

For the fourth, I'd have to go with another series, Broadchurch/Gracepoint. Here's the thing: Gracepoint is the US remake of Broadchurch, in which both of them have David as the lead roles, DI Alec Hardy (Broachurch) and Emmett Carver (Gracepoint). Both were the detectives who investigated the death of a young boy in respective small towns, accompanied by their detective partners Ellie Miller (Olivia Colman in Broadchurch, Anna Gunn in Gracepoint). Even though they're basically the same series, you can easily notice the difference, other than the actors. Hardy and Carver are also the same characters, but they're different. Despite all that, I recommend you to watch both series.

Fifth is Hamlet. This was originally a stage play by Royal Shakespeare Company, but then was adapted to a television film with the same actors. To be honest, I never watched Hamlet in any kind before. I only heard of the plot, but never really got it why it was so phenomenal... until I watched this. David played the titular character, Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, whose father King Hamlet (Patrick Stewart) just died. Convinced that the King was murdered by his own brother, Hamlet's uncle, Claudius (also played by Stewart), Hamlet sought vengeance while struggling with his own sanity. I never thought I would sit through this kind of thing, but guess what, I did! Three hours of awesomeness. David killed it, and for a second I thought he went insane for real haha. It would be more awesome if I could see the stage play. (Quick trivia: Benedict Cumberbatch has also played Hamlet in the newest stage production.)

Sixth is The Escape Artist. Since I was hooked up with How to Get Away with Murder, I found this mini-series as intriguing. Will Burton was a talented barrister who never lost a single case. But when he agreed to defend a prime suspect in a murder trial, his brilliance bit him back with an unexpected result. It's thrilling and sometimes just makes you want to clap your hands because of its cleverness.

Seventh is Fright Night. It's basically the second movie of David's that I watched. Having known him from Goblet of Fire, I was excited to see him as Peter Vincent, a magician who claimed to be an expert on vampires. He helped Charley (Anton Yelchin) to get rid of his vampire neighbor (Colin Farrell)--but of course, it wasn't that easy. This is an enjoyable movie that has some funny moments that will crack you up, especially David's lines. They were just simple lines, but I was laughing so hard when he said them.

Eighth is Recovery, a TV movie about the life of a family after Alan Hamilton (Tennant) woke up from a deep coma that was resulted by an accident. His behavior completely changed, and it put his relationship with his wife and sons under a great pressure. I'm not gonna lie, I cried watching this. I could imagine if Alan was my father, and he was acting like that. I, too, would feel pressured, but at the same time, he was still my father. We couldn't leave him like that no matter what, could we?

Ninth is Secret Smile. Another thriller, another antagonist played by David, comes in form of Brendan Block. He met a woman named Miranda (Kate Ashfield), fell in love, and then got dumped. Only weeks later, he came back to Miranda's life as her sister's boyfriend. What was actually Brendan's intention? You won't know if you don't watch! Just a heads up though, imagine that Brendan is a younger version of Kilgrave without the mind control thingy. And, I just can't get away without saying this, he was so handsome in this! (Isn't he always? Lol)

The last is What We Did on Our Holiday. David Tennant and Rosamund Pike? Two of my favorite people in one movie! They played husband and wife Doug and Abi, who were on the verge of divorce. For the sake of Doug's father's birthday party, they traveled to Scotland with their three children. But, it all took a twisted turn as the children that they seemed to ignore all the time, did something beyond imagination. I loved how they combined the comedy and drama with some tragic and heartbreaking aspects in this. It's funny, it's sad, it's having its moment. Oh, and also, can Tennant and Pike work together again please? :')

Honorable mention:
The Politician's Husband, Much Ado About Nothing, and United (because I love Manchester United sooo much!)

That is a long post! I just can't stop talking about it because it's still fresh in my mind. I could short-review all of them, but then I have to divide this post into two--and I'm so lazy in doing that haha. There are still so many of his movies and series out there, but I could only find these ones. I also watched his gigs in The Friday Night Project on YouTube, and that made me want to see him more in comedic roles! The reviews above are just my opinions, and it doesn't necessarily mean that the others are not worth watching. In fact, you should watch all of them! :D
For us David Tennant fans, no need to worry. He has so many upcoming movies that we should patiently wait for. While you wait, why don't you vote David for Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Actor in People's Choice Awards? Click here and cast your vote!
If you can't wait any longer, you can always do David Tennant marathon!

"When you're playing a real person, there's a balance between playing the person in the script and playing the person as he was in life. You have to be respectful and true to who that person was, but at the same time tell the story in the film."
- David Tennant

Catch you later!

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