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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Monday Madness

Just like a typical high school student who keeps referring to Monday as "Monster Day", I'm gonna use the term to describe what my Mondays have been this semester. I actually hate the words because it is overused, but it's suitable. High school students' Monday has got nothing on mine.

Monday is when I sleep at 3 and wake up at 4.30, sleep again at 4.35, and wake up again at 7.30. That's just the normal timeline. The abnormal one is when the assignments attack, then it means no sleep at all. Is it really that surprising? No, not at all. But I've been doing this for almost four years and sometimes I'm just tired of it.

This is what I look like every Monday:

Drawing by me. I'm not this 'slim' in real life, in case you're wondering.

You must've seen The Walking Dead, right? Well, I haven't and I probably won't watch it because zombies are not my thing. But without even watching it, I know what happens in that series because every freaking Monday morning I look at my reflection in the mirror and there you go, a Walking Dead episode!

Do you guys feel the same too? Or am I the only one who is too lazy to freshen up before going to the campus? But, dude, if I go through some unnecessary make-up routines, I'll still look like I don't use anything after the studio. Battered, beaten up by the assignments, panda eyes strike again, begging to be closed for at least one hour.

Well, the life in the studio is actually not as scary as you think. We are free to do anything. I mean, did you read what I wrote on the drawing above? I can watch movies. I can even watch basketball games and cheer (silently, of course, I have manners lol) without having to be worried that my teacher is gonna kick me out of the class, except the times when he/she comes to the class and just walks around checking our assignment progress. Other than that, we can sleep through the day or even go home. But I can't just sleep in the class and go home (again, I have manners), so instead I watch something from my laptop or just chatting with friends.

Sounds a lot of fun, huh? Where's the 'monster' in that? This is it, the climax. In the end of the studio, we have to collect the assignment progress that we're supposed to do during the studio. That's the madness. That's what makes me look like an even uglier zombie than the ones in The Walking Dead. Not to mention the deadlines, which of course always happens on Monday. We're looking at that day as the Judgement Day. My God, the beats your heart makes when the teacher announces if you pass the standard or not...

Monday is when both miracles and bad lucks happen. I said miracles because good things sometimes happen unexpectedly, when mostly it's just bad lucks. There's not many Mondays left in this semester. I actually want to say a nice thing about Monday after that previous sentence, but since the deadline is two Mondays away, I'll just keep that to myself until Monday is finally being nice to me too.

I have no idea what useful things you, or even myself, can get from this randomly written post. Maybe I just need a rest from Daniel Brühl marathon I'm currently doing, mostly because my heart just can't take his adorableness for now -- it reaches the limit lol. I'm gonna continue to fangirl over him after I write this. And look forward for the movie marathon post I obviously going to make!



  1. I just stopped by again, your blog looks so cute! Stay healthy and good luck on the following Mondays (and you know, any other day). :)

    1. Thank you and thank you, Kak! Wishing the same things for you <3


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