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Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Road Trip to Remember

No, the road trip was not as dramatic as the poetic title (though it sure was memorable). I just couldn't find any other suitable title for this. And this wouldn't be a detailed blog post about the trip, I just wrote the big part only.

On December 30th 2013, the date where I collected my postponed assignment, my uncle and aunt picked me up from my boarding house to go on road trip with them to Bali and celebrate New Year there! Since becoming a college student I almost never had a proper holiday (going outside the city, traveling, blah blah), I just stayed at home watching movies. And finally, I could forget my other assignments for a while and enjoyed the rare time from being away from the hectic days of college.

While the road trip was not the first time for me, the activities and things we did were indeed new for me. From Malang to Bali -- of course it required us to cross the Bali Strait. Yep, it was my first time crossing the strait with ferry! It was late night, but I could see beautiful lights from the other ships and the port. It was so fun (and ugh, I didn't take a pic of it because I was so tired and only able to enjoy it haha).

After arriving at Gilimanuk Port, I spent my time mostly to sleep. My uncle's fast and F1-like driving didn't stop me from getting a good sleep since I finished my assignment at 2 am the other night. So then we picked up my cousin, Nisa, who was studying in Udayana University to stay with us in the hotel. The next day, the fun began!

The view from the hotel balcony. And yep, that's the sea!

That's me in Balangan Beach. Chubby as always. (Pic taken by Nisa)

Happy New Year! Fireworks from the beach. It was raining that time so we decided to watch the fireworks from hotel balcony.

So, first day of 2014, I thought I would come back to Malang (come back to my assignments, to be exact). Ha! My uncle and aunt had other plans for me and Nisa -- taking us to Jogja!

Bunch of people were waiting to take a pic in front of Malioboro street sign. If you go to Malioboro, you just have to do this. (Pic taken by Nisa)

Finally we got our turn. Nisa, me, Arfa, and Aunt Jella in Maliboro~ (Pic taken by my uncle)

The next day, we went to Affandi Museum. Just so you know, Affandi was a famous Indonesian artist. When I went to the museum and saw that name, I thought I've heard his name before (yep, that was a fail thing for an architecture student). Then, when I saw his paintings, I remembered that I had learned about him in both middle school and high school. You know, I forgot easily about this kind of thing -.-

A glimpse of inside the Affandi Museum. Love the paintings!

This one was like, the biggest painting in the gallery. Love this (and sorry, I forgot the name of the painting...)

Words to remember!

Since I'm an architecture student, this little kind of thing excited me. Maybe it could inspire me to design hehe.
 After that, we went to Warung Raminten for lunch. Its owner is Yogya's famous transsexual (or transgender -- what do you call it?). Ah, too bad I didn't take a picture of what she looked like.

Three women and a man. I thought that man was a real person... kind of creepy. (Pic taken by my uncle)

This was on the tissue box. Creative and funny.
These were chocolates. And these two described me at most hahaha. I should've bought those, ugh.

That was it. There were so many other moments from that road trip that I could not forget, but I don't want to make you bored. Well, I rarely posted about my personal life -- this blog has been full of either fangirling things or my "random" thoughts -- so I just want to finish this post as soon as possible before I myself also get bored. And I still have other tasks to do... and movies and series to watch.


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