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Monday, March 10, 2014

Currently Addicted to: These Guys, These Bands, and These TV Series

This should be Midnight Random Thoughts number 5, but then I realize it's not just my random thoughts. I just want to talk about my current celebrity crushes and pleasures, and whatever. So, I decided to include it in Current Addiction post even though it's not specifically talking about one thing (usually TV series).

SO, HELLO, WE MEET AGAIN. Empty February once again. I finally finished my movie marathon post two days ago (even though I finished the marathon some time in January). I'm doing another one now, but I'm not sure the post will be done right after...

Anyway, let's go back again to the 'current crushes and pleasures and whatever'.

I recently got a crush on Luke Evans. You know him right? Let me give you a small info. He's the guy who played Bard in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. Still don't recognize him? Okay. He's the guy who played Owen Shaw in Fast & Furious 6. Ha! Finally.
Oh, and NO, he's not related to Captain America a.k.a. Chris Evans.

Luke's gaze is piercing through your flesh and bones and finally hits your heart.

Yes, I don't know I'm just crazy about him lately. Guys with British accent (well, he's actually Welsh) are just perfect (Oh, hey there Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hiddleston, and Jonny Lee Miller!). but yeah I just love him so much. He may be a little older than Tom, which probably made you like "Gosh what's wrong with you--you're having another crush on a man who is much older than you!" Dude, whatever. It's just a crush.

Anyway, why? Of all actors in the world, why him? Well... The Hobbit made me love him. BUT, I loved him even more after watching his movie No One Lives. I can't give much about the plot, just click the link or go to YouTube and find the trailer.
Back to Luke. Yeah, I love him in that movie--even though it's kind of gore and disgusting but there was Luke Evans damn it, so I kept going. Just so you know, every actor whom I love has ever played an annoying guy, bad guy (ha!), and those kind of characters you will probably hate in the movies. But that's what makes me love them even more! And Luke is also a singer (he was a stage actor) and he has a greaaat voice!
Lucky (unlucky?) you, Mr. Luke Evans. You just made to 'my favorite actor' list.

The second, is Joel Kinnaman. You've probably never heard of this man, so I just go straight away: he's the new RoboCop. Yeah, he's the 21st century Alex Murphy, you guys! And if you've never even heard of RoboCop, you need some serious help.

Joel is absorbing the oxygen supply in the room.

I first knew Charles Joel Nordström (it's his birth name, btw, he's Swedish-American) from TV series The Killing. I love that series so much! Joel played Detective Holder. Hold it right there! Detective. You know I love that kind of thing. Plus the title is THE KILLING--it pretty much got my attention. I'm just starting to watch its season 3, and the 4th and final season is still filmed.

Unlike Luke, I've always got a crush on Joel. Why did I include him in 'current crushes'? Well, it's because I watched RoboCop and he just deserves to be on that list lol. Okay then, move to crush #3 and #4.

Chandler Parsons and Goran Dragic.

Wait, who are they? What movies have they been on? Or which band do they belong to?
Hahaha, the answer is NO. NOPE. NONE. NAAWWWH. They're not actors, nor musicians, nor my friends (?). They are athletes.

Oh, great! Which football club?
Yes, everyone who knows me probably will ask that because apparently the only sport that I fond of is football (soccer, if you're American. I still don't understand--why soccer?). But, once again, NO. Chandler and Goran are not football players. They are basketball players.
Chandler Parsons is in Houston Rockets and Goran Dragic is in Phoenix Suns. (Little fun fact: even though they're not related, Chandler shares the same last name with the actor Jim Parsons--The Big Bang Theory's Sheldon Cooper--who is a huge fan of Rockets).

Isn't Chandler just perfect? <3

Goran is so serious. So cool <3

Yeah, I'm a girl who doesn't watch basketball before, so I fall in love with those two because... they are cool and handsome. Thanks to my brother who watches basketball games all the time (on TV, of course). To stop me from complaining, "Why are you always watching this? I want to watch HBO damnit!!!" and such, he immediately introduced me to these two ("Hey, sis. Google Goran Dragic. He's handsome. Look, he's in this match. Why don't we sit together and watch it?") There I was, the weak older sister. So, every time basketball game's on TV, I kept asking whether it had Goran or Chandler. I thought he was getting tired of me asking that, and he was starting to regret his action ("Why the heck did I tell my sister about those two?!").

And this is the collage of them that I made in black and white. Got any favorite? :))

Move on again. Since Jason Mraz is still working on his new album and has not recently released new music (other than the songs he's featured on), I find other music to listen.

I'm crazy about these 2 bands: Imagine Dragons and Bastille. My current pleasures. They're basically rock bands, but not 'too rock' (if you know what I mean), and they have easy-listening songs. From sunrise til sunrise again, I keep listening to these bands alternatively. They have almost similar music, their vocalists' names share the same first name (Dan; Reynolds for ID, Smith for Bastille), and they consist of 4 members each. We absolutely can notice the difference between the two by the voice of the Dans--Reynolds is American, Smith is British. That's easy.
I really recommend these bands to you, even though you're almost never fond of rock bands.

Imagine Dragons. Dan Reynolds is the second on the left.
Bastille. Dan Smith is the second on the right.

 (Oh, and can someone tell me why do I think that Dan Reynolds somehow looks like Luke Evans? I just can't find why, but every time I see Dan Reynolds I automatically think of Luke Evans hahaha)

Another pleasures: True Detective, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, Elementary, Perception, Hannibal, The Killing, Arrow, Intelligence, Almost Human, and Bates Motel.
If you want a good series to watch, I recommend them :) (especially True Detective--there's a reason why I put it first, but the rest is just randomly put)

So, hmm, that's the end of this post. And I just realized that I'm basically just talking about boys. Sigh.

All the pics were taken from Google.

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