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Friday, February 20, 2015

Dear Goran Dragic

"Somebody said that I’m the worst player in the NBA and my last name should not be 'Dragic', but ‘Tragic’. That sticks in your head. It sticks in my head. Every time when I was on a practice court, I always had this in my mind, tried to get better, tried to prove those people that they were wrong."
- Goran Dragic

First of all, I'm not gonna lie. This makes me really sad. You are my favorite player and Suns are my favorite team. Seeing you parted ways just pumped my tears out.
If you allow me, I will tell a little flashback. I wasn't that interested in basketball after injuring my hand back in junior high. But when my crazy-basketball-fan brother told me about you and the Phoenix Suns, I took my crazy-football-fan mind to the NBA.
The very first Suns game I watched was vs Golden State Warriors on February 8th 2014 (it was February 9th here). I was enchanted by your play and the chemistry of the team. It led to a 122-109 win. This team, I thought to myself, is actually good. And that Goran Dragic is VERY good!
So, yes, I've become a Phoenix Suns fan and a Goran Dragic fan starting from that day.

You're practically my first favorite basketball player.
You tricked me into making Suns my favorite team and now I can't get out (#Suns4Life!).
You're also the first famous person who has retweeted my tweets 3 times--boy, that equals an Oscar to me. Since I'm a long-distance fan, this kind of action makes me so happy, you know.
You spent your precious time to take a look and like my drawing on Instagram.
You change my life, Mr. Goran Dragic.

But hey. I know I'm sad about this. I know I've been frowning since the trade rumors came. My brother had warned me before that a player didn't always stay with one team. I knew that, because my favorite football player, Cristiano Ronaldo, was exactly the same--he was leaving my favorite team, Manchester United. But I knew it wasn't a decision that was made overnight. I knew Cristiano felt that "this is the time" and decided to leave MU, the team who made him what he is right now, to gather more experience.
So, when I actually heard this, I understood. I was upset, but I understood. You're the only one who knows what's best for you, and the Suns are the only one who know what's best for them.

You came back to Phoenix after being traded. If I were you, I would probably think "Why would I come back to the team who traded me?" But you chose Suns. You chose to come back. That's one kind of loyalty.
You led the 2nd worst team in NBA to a near-playoffs spot last year. You made the people who underestimated them bugged their eyes out and were totally impressed by the improvement.
Along with that, you were awarded 2013-14 NBA Most Improve Player and All-NBA Third Team. As a fan of both you and Suns, I could never been prouder.
And in this crazy half season, you help putting them to a playoff race again.

So--with both tears and smile--thank you for everything you've done to this team. Thank you for your huge efforts. I'm sorry if you feel disappointed with them, but thank you for clarifying it on your Twitter. I'm gonna miss you. We are gonna miss you.

I wish nothing but best of luck for you and your brother Zoran, in your new team, Miami Heat.

Your huge fan from Indonesia,
Widya Nurul