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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

#horrorshortstory (Episode 1 - Blackout Edition)

About 1 and a half months ago, exactly on January 31st, my house got blackout. If you are my followers on Twitter, maybe you knew some of my tweets about horror story in blackout with #horrornight hashtag. Here are the tweets:
  • I don't like using candle, because in some horror movies, candle is one of the reasons why we are afraid of the dark.
  • Have you ever tried to flash your own room with flashlight or candle during the blackout? You might found something... #horrornight
  • You found a clown doll moving by itself. You tell your Mom & surprisingly she says that there's no such thing in the house... #horrornight
  • You go to the kitchen and see your Mom there. You go back and get a phone call from her, asking you to open the front door #horrornight
  • The TV turns on by itself when you know that IT'S BLACKOUT #horrornight

It's not really creepy, right? Because my house in blackout isn't really creepy at all haha. Don't miss the next #horrorshortstory edition -- Hospital Edition!

(Off topic: Just watched Barcelona vs Arsenal, which Barca won, and Robin Van Persie got a red card!!! I'm okay about the Barca-wins-bla-bla-bla but not about the red card! *I'm a Van Persie fan, not really Arsenal's :)*)

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