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Saturday, January 22, 2011


“I saw that man again,” Katelyn approached me in my locker. “In the school gate.”
“The one whose head is bleeding?” I asked her as I closed my locker door.
“Yeah. But this time looks scarier,” She said. I know she was scared, but her face showed no fear. “Like he wanted to tell me something...”
“Kate, cut it out. You scared me,” I walked in front of her. “You know I hate those things.”
“Come on, Zoe. Your brother Zach collects horror movies and you scared of them?” She laughed.
Katelyn has been my friend since... forever. When everybody in this school avoiding her because her freakness, I wanted to befriend her. She’s a freak. She knows everything. I mean everything. Do you know the kid named Cole Sear and his famous words “I see dead people” in one of the famous horror movie? Well, Katelyn could be his sister—they both have something called the sixth sense.
Katelyn told me that she saw this man—by that I mean ghost—has been following her since two days ago. That man had a bloody head, bloody face... Ugh, I couldn’t even imagine it. It must be hard for her to avoid things like that. And I didn’t want it happened to me.
After school, Katelyn said she can’t go home with me because her father pick her up. I don’t mind going home alone but... what if the man that Katelyn saw this morning is standing right next to me? What if he followed me home? What if—well there are too many ‘what ifs’ that I can’t answer myself.
“Oh, God, I’m sorry—I’m sorry!” I hit a man and I was freaking out. I thought this man was that man... but it’s GRANT TURNER!!! I know my face was turning red now and my heart started beating like it wanted to break out the meats that covers it.
Grant was staring at me like I was the new girl in school—when actually we’re in the same class. And—just like I thought—he was just passing me like nothing happened. I’ve heard about Grant’s behavior to girls, and I think I was the first girl that didn’t get his smile.
So, I was standing across the street with this pitiful face, waiting for the light turns red. Meeting Grant and later abandoned by him was the most embarrassing experience in my lifetime. Katelyn got his smile two days ago and it made her forgot to do her Math homework. But got abandoned by the most popular person in school would make me forget to eat—even sleep.
The light turns red finally. I crossed the street while the car stopped. I saw Zach’s car passing by on the other street... with me inside.
Me. Myself. Inside the car.
While I still couldn’t believe with what I just saw, I heard this loud noise—car crashed into the traffic light. People were running to the car, trying to help people inside. I saw the license plat. It was Zach’s car.
“That’s how we died, Zoe.”
I heard Zach’s voice behind me and I turned back—but I only founded a creepy man with bloody head!
“Don’t be scare. It’s me, Zach.”
I know that voice. How could it be? Why did Zach dressed like we’re having Halloween party? Was it just a trick? Did he just want to scare me away?
...or he really is... a ghost?
“I was trying to tell Katelyn about this, but... I wanted you to see this by yourself,” Zach said.
And something passed my brain. A memory.

I was in the car with Zach. We were just leaving his favorite record store to buy some new DVDs. He bought some horror movies and showed them to me. I was scared with the DVD covers, so I slapped his hand, tried to keep them away. Then he couldn’t control the steer... and seconds later the car crashed the traffic light.

I couldn’t say anything at all. My tears just dropped on the cheek. It was my fault.
Now I know why did everyone in school still avoid Katelyn and claim that she was a freak, why didn’t Grant smile at me... because actually I never exist.
Katelyn could see me because she sees dead people.

Note: This is my first English short story. The story seemed so familiar or bad or confusing? Yea I know. I'm not a good writer... yet. I just want to practice my English. (But I hope someday I could be a good writer. Amin.)

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