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Monday, August 22, 2011

Self-made Comic "Will & Harry: Modern Corpses"

Actually, I made this comic about 2 months ago for English task. I just have nothing to do now so I want to share this comic to you. I'm not really a good comic writer and story maker but enjoy it anyway :P

It's called Will & Harry: Modern Corpses.

Click to enlarge

Sorry if the picture is not clear enough, because I manually took it with phone (I finished it at school, so I didn't have chance to scan it).

Let me recap the dialogs:

Will & Harry are visiting a sick friend at night.
Harry: "I hope Kate's alright."
Will: "..."
Harry: "Dude, are you okay? I've been talking to myself since 5 minutes ago."
Will: "Harry... I've got to tell you this..."
Harry: "I walked past the mortuary when I went back to Kate's room from canteen. You know what? I heard some noises came from inside the mortuary... MAYBE IT'S A GHOST!!!"
Will: "HAHAHA!!!! Come on, Will! There's no such thing as a ghost! Oh, maybe the corps were partying!" (imagining the corpses were dancing at the disco)
Harry: "That's a really nice joke, Harry! Modern corpses!"
Will: "I know right!" (both laughing)
Mysterious figure: "FYI, we were just playing cards..."
Will & Harry: "EH..." (frozen) "GHOOOST...!!!" (running scared)
Will: "I told you! There was a ghost!"
Harry: "Shut up!"
Mysterious figure: "Bye, guys! Thank you for calling us MODERN CORPSES! <3"

  • Do you notice something about the characters' names? Yes. Will, Harry, and Kate were inspired by Prince William, Prince Harry, and Kate Middleton.
  • The hospital name (Buckingham Hospital) was also inspired by the Prince-related, Buckingham Palace.
  • The story was taken from one of the #horrorshortstory (Episode 2 - Hospital Edition).
  • I know that the sub-title "Modern Corpses" sounds a little bit strange, but it came out from Will and Harry's minds because they joked that the corpses were partying (and it was a modern thing for a corpse).

So... what do you think? :)

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