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Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Very Special Evening with Jason Mraz & Toca Rivera

Judul sebenarnya adalah "Jason Mraz: Special Acoustic Evening with Toca Rivera - You Are Loved" tapi saya ganti judulnya biar kerasa pas sama perasaan saya kemarin malam.


I'm too way overreacted? Oh come on. Tell me who's not overreacting when they finally can see their favorite musician (and the best musician on Earth) live in front of their eyes?

Saya benar-benar mengagumi seorang Jason Thomas Mraz. You can see the labels tab on the right side of my blog which has biggest words for "Jason Mraz"--that means I always talk about him. Oh, the title of this blog and the songs that come out when you open this blog... it's Jason Mraz's. Don't forget, he answered my question in his live chat (I hope you're not bored to hear this one again--but if you are, just go away I'm trying to be a good fangirl here) and it made me feel like I'm the luckiest and happiest girl on Earth (when actually I'm not).

My dream comes true.

Despite being a crazy fangirl, I have a healthy obsession over him. Healthy, because I'd never say something ridiculous about him (ex: "I want to marry Jason Mraz!") Lol I would never say that. He's my inspiration, my personal hero, I do love him but it doesn't make me want to marry him (actually I always say that he's my "Uncle J" haha :p). It's so typical, and I don't want to be typical. I do scream happily when I found out that he's coming to Bali, or when I see him on TV, or when anything Jason-Mraz-related happens near me. But once again, I'm not a typical fangirl.

That's why I was just standing, recording, and singing along with him at the concert (I was waaayyyy too excited and happy I couldn't scream anymore) not screaming horrifically which might scare him. I screamed, yeah I screamed, but not horrifically like most people did. Why do I say horrifically? Wait til you see my recording of the concert. It doesn't seem like a concert, it's more like a horror film with that terrible scream. But don't worry guys, it's not forbidden to scream like that. Feel free to scream. YEEAAAWW!

Me and Nisa with 'Jason' and 'Toca'. If only... hahaha...

Tadinya sempet nggak boleh nonton sama Mama-Papa. Saya mengerti--tiketnya mahal, tempatnya jauh, belum tempat nginap dan akomodasi di Bali nya... But sometimes I feel like I get what I see. Saya udah kelewat egois pengen banget nonton Jason Mraz di Bali, tapi setelah saya pikir-pikir lagi, rasanya wajar-wajar saja mengingat saya adalah fans berat Jason, and my parents know it (they're big fans too!). Finally they gave me permission to see him live in Bali. Thanks Mom, thanks Pops, it might be the best birthday present ever (I always consider it as bday present because the ticket sale was still on September).

Dengan modal nekat, saat ulangan-ulangan harian tengah melanda, saat status kelas 3 SMA tinggal beberapa bulan lagi, saya pergi ke Bali. Demi seorang Jason Thomas Mraz.
(If you read this, J, you should be grateful for having such a great fan like me, who is sacrificing everything just to watch you live :p)

November 9th 2011.
Saya nonton bareng sepupu saya, Nisa (check out her blog, she might post something similar to this post) yang sekarang kuliah di Universitas Udayana, Bali. Jam 5 (local time) pas kita udah sampai di Taman Bhagawan, padahal open gate nya jam 7. And you know what? When we arrived, Jason was sound-checking (or rehearsing?)! Listening to his voice made me melting already, and I already could expect what would the concert look like.
Kita pengen banget dapat front row, padahal udah pasti dapet yang di depan karena VIP Festival. Setelah lari-lari yang membuat beberapa kru ngacir karena takut ketabrak, akhirnya kita dapet paaaaling depan, nempel pagar, walaupun dari pagar ke panggung masih ada jarak beberapa meter (it was for the reporters uugghhhhh).

Me and Nisa in front of the stage
No fancy stage. Love it.

The crew was checking the instruments. I thought the guy who brought guitar was Jason, they have the same hair but Jason's was longer haha

Jam 8 lewat dikit, penonton sudah teriak-teriak minta Jason. Mulai dari "JASOOOOON!", "MRAAAZZZZ!", sampai "LAMA WOY CEPETAN!" mereka teriakkan. And finally...


Mr. A-Z in action!

Toca Rivera in action!

Too bad, Jason didn't sing Geek in the Pink and Song For a Friend (two songs that I put here in my blog haha). Menurut perhitungan saya, Jason Mraz membawakan total 25 lagu (itu kalau intronya Curbside Prophet, saat mereka memperkenalkan diri dihitung):

1. The World As I See It
2. No Doubling Back
3. If It Kills Me
4. Make It Mine
5. Fly Me to the Moon
6. Lucky
7. You and I Both
8. Curbside Prophet (intro--for introducing themselves)
9. The Remedy (mashed up with Wonderwall)
10. Love For a Child
11. Mr Curiosity
12. Plane
13. Only Human
14. Bottom of the Sea
15. Living in the Moment (he said that this is the new song!)
16. The Longest Day of the Year
17. Butterfly
18. 0% Interest
19. Sunshine Song
20. The Woman I Love
21. I Won't Give Up
22. 93 Million Miles
23. I'm Yours
24. Gypsy Mc
25. Life is Wonderful

One word: aMRAZing!

It's one of the best nights EVER! (The other being 30 Seconds to Mars concert) Jason's voice was sooooo touchy. Kalau misalnya nggak ramai, mungkin saya bisa nangis terharu karena setelah lebih dari 5 tahun ngefans (dan nggak nonton pas Java Jazz), akhirnya bisa nonton langsung. Happy tears... THANK YOU, JASON, THANK YOUUU! CAN'T WAIT FOR YOU TO COME BACK TO INDONESIA! :* ONCE YOU DO, LET'S HANG OUT AT MY HOUSE (?)

"Nama saya Jason Mraz dan ini teman saya Toca Rivera."
- Jason Mraz

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